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2016 Badger Calendar

Annual Calendar Filled With Beautiful Badger Artwork - only on

Badger 2015 Calendar 2016 Badger Calendar
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2016 Badger Artwork Calendar

Our 2016 calendar features beautiful illustrations by Kate Beetle, Ginny Joyner and Rennae Jackson.

Kate Beetle is a freelance artist who has been drawing cute badgers and colorful botanicals for Badger for years. We appreciate Kate’s playful, detailed work, which adorns many of our products as well as our brochures.

Ginny Joyner began her career as an artist at a very early age, decorating her parent’s furniture and walls with her lively crayon drawings. She was told that paper was a more acceptable surface on which to create pictures and has been a freelance illustrator for over 30 years working in watercolor, oil, pen & ink, scratchboard, and Photoshop.

Rennae Jackson has been drawing, doodling, painting and creating whimsical badgers since she started working for Badger 13 years ago! Rennae comes from a long line of artists, so creativity naturally runs through her veins. Her greatest wish is that everyone feels the light and happy energy that these Badgers bring forth, as they do for her when she’s creating them.

Please note: The beautiful art shown for the month of April is actually by artist Kate Beetle (not Ginny Joyner). We’re so sorry, Kate!

Opens to 11" x 17"

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