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Here are just a few of our customers who have shared their stories with us.
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Polar Expendition In April of 2000, an international team of male and female explorers and 18 Canadian Inuit sled dogs traveled over 230 miles across barren Arctic Ocean sea ice and islands to reach the Magnetic North Pole. We traveled by traditional means using dogsled and skis and traditional navigation techniques. In the pockets of our anoraks, we carried tins of Badger Healing Balm and Lip Balm. We found that the product performed admirably and offered much protection from the incessant winds that we literally "faced" on the 19 day expedition. As mother nature would have it, we were in white-out conditions nearly daily and thus I was required to use the wind to maintain our northward course. The wind, being from the North, gave my face a daily beating. I can attest to the rejuvenating effect your products had on my skin and lips. Also, around camp each arctic "night" you would see team members helping each other by directing the smearing of the healing balm on those parts of the face that were wind and cold damaged. We also found the product useful in chafe as we skied and walked, day after day, 18-22 miles.

-Jeff Ward, Polar Expedition Leader and Navigator

Laura and Aaron Whether it's trekking across Iceland or surfing in Hawaii, we rely on our wonderful Badger products to keep us safe, happy, and healthy. I bet lips can get pretty chapped during high elevation hiking, but ours stayed just fine and tingly-minty through the snow storms thanks to Badger mint lip balm! And no sunburns or dealing with sketchy ingredients with Badger sunscreen. Badger takes care of our bodies so we can play hard and stay healthy!

-Laura and Aaron - Honolulu, Hawaii

Jim on Safari My friend Jim went on Safari to southern Africa in February. I persuaded him to take along a tin of your Anti-Bug Balm. He couldn't believe anything that smelled so nice would work, so he also took along a DEET-based lotion. Upon his return he reported that Badger was a HUGE success. He said by the end of the trip everyone in his group had traded in their smelly, sticky, chemical-based creams and lotions for some of his Badger! He said unlike the yucky stuff, Badger felt nice, smelled nice, and didn't drip down your face and into your eyes and mouth. And best of all, to the amazement of tourists and guides alike -- IT WORKED!


John, River Guide, River Odysseys West, Idaho
I have been enjoying your product and passing it on to others who are hopefully converts too. My dried out hands and feet are most grateful.

-John, River Guide, River Odysseys West, Idaho

April - Provincetown, MA I love that Badger Balm is made of good healthful organic ingredients and that Badger has such high ethical standards in every phase of production and sales. I feel good purchasing from Badger not only because the products are wonderful & effective but also because I am helping to support a very ethical business...which puts my mind at ease and is good for my health in and of itself.

-April - Provincetown, MA

Raenika - Adelaide, South Australia I love Badger because their philosophy is pure, simple and of great substance, and so is their range of gorgeous balms. They hide nothing, their balms are made with the purest of ingredients and they offer nothing more than honest goodness at an equally honest price.

-Raenika - Adelaide, South Australia

Julia & Tim - Minnesota My husband and I live in Minnesota and during the winter we guide multi-day dog sledding trips. Our skin takes such a beating in the cold air. Nothing helps it like the Badger Healing Balm. We ski all day with the dog teams and the sore muscle rub is very useful too. You Badgers deliver a heckuva product! We just wanted you to know how satisfied we are!

-Julia & Tim - Minnesota

Mimosa - Australia Badger Balm makes me feel good both inside and out. From Healing Balm to keep my skin smooth, to relaxing nightly Sleep Balm, or Winter Wonder Balm when I'm sick. Then there is Anti-Bug Balm when I'm out and about exploring, followed by Sore Muscle Rub when I get home. Then after I've used them look at the Badger art and image the badger mines and I smile.

-Mimosa - Australia

Laura - Eastham, MA I use Badger Products as part of my daily routine. Badger uses only all natural ingredients, which gives me peace of mind every day! Thank you Badger for taking good care of the largest organ in our bodies... our skin!

-Laura - Eastham, MA