How Does Aromatherapy Work?


Aromatherapy works by using scents to bypass the conscious mind & soothe emotions on a deeper level.

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In ancient times, Cleopatra used aromatherapy to woo Antony, while the Aztecs created elaborate heated pools to release pure flower fragrance... this is the power of aromatherapy!

How does aromatherapy work?Pure essential oils, when they are extracted naturally, are the heart and soul of a plant - a concentration of its spirit. Within the plant, the chemicals that create these scents have a job to do, such as attracting pollinators, or repelling predators. In their concentrated form, these oils retain their chemical signals and stimulate your unconscious mind with their scent. Imagine inhaling deeply from a rose, or smelling freshly crushed mint leaves...the power of scent can be transporting! Many of us have had the experience of a smell suddenly retrieving a long-forgotten memory. That's aromatherapy working. Our brain processes scent through the olfactory system to the Limbic System, which controls our emotions and stores learned memories. The chemical messengers contained within the scent of essential oils trigger this primitive brain function and work to influence our emotions. By choosing different scents and their underlying chemical compounds, oil blends can be created with a desired aromatherapy effect in mind.

Badger Bill writes:

Yoga"An aromatherapy blend can be thought of as a "symphony in scent". Essential oils like Lemon, Tangerine and Bergamot supply ephemeral "top notes" similar to the top notes created by flutes, violin, or silver bells. Cedarwood and Sandalwood essential oils are deep and resonant. They can supply the "base note" quality, similar to base notes supplied by the base, drum, tuba, or cello in an orchestra. Other essential oils, like Ginger and Rosemary, are considered to be "middle notes" and they help to form the body of the composition. Thoughtful and intuitive blending of essential oil fragrances, informed by aromatherapy science and tradition, can result in new, unique, and inspiring blends that soothe and satisfy mind and body on the deepest levels. That's what our mind balms are all about."

Not only have we chosen the purest essential oils from around the world, but we've added them to our super-moisturizing balm base, which has the added effect of essential oils as physical healers for your skin. We've created our aromatherapy balms to delight, soothe, relieve, and liven.

How does aromatherapy work for you? Share your story with us!

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