Natural Organic & Fair Trade Certifications

At Badger, we believe third party certifications take the guesswork out of claims made on cosmetics and personal care products. In other words, you can trust that we follow the standards and guidelines of these certifying agencies who also perform routine checks and audits. We strongly believe in the principles of our certifications, and we feel that they prove to you that we care truly about the claims that we make, and not just about marketing our products.

In recent years more and more cosmetics and personal care products label themselves as 'natural', 'organic' or 'fairly traded'. Often these claims are true, but sometimes they are not, and they are almost always up for interpretation. Currently there is nobody regulating these claims, so it is up to the consumer to understand the ingredient labels and the company's practices to determine their validity.

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USDA Certified Organic

USDA Certified Organic

A Certified Organic product is made from ingredients grown and processed without chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, GMOs, or synthetic pesticides. In our opinion, organic agriculture results in ingredients that are better for people and better for our planet. We believe that compassionate, sustainable organic agriculture is both the legacy of the past and our hope for the future.

Look for this label on almost all of Badger's products!

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NSFCertified Organic

NSF Organic Certification

The NSF created a rigorous organic standard designed specifically for personal care products that would eventually be adopted by the USDA as an encompassing standard for food and personal care. The NSF is credited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a standard developer.

You'll see this logo on Badger sunscreens, to certify the organic ingredient content.

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Fair Trade Certified Ingredient Logo

Fair Trade Certified™

The Fair Trade Certified™ label guarantees to consumers that strict economic, social, and environmental criteria were met in the production and trade of an agricultural product. Fair Trade Certification empowers farmers and farm workers to lift themselves out of poverty by investing in their farms and communities, protecting the environment, and developing the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace.

Look for this label on Badger's Cocoa Butter Lip Balms, Lip Tint & Shimmers, and Creamy Cocoa Every Day Body Moisturizer!

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Natural Products Association

The NPA's Natural Standard for Personal Care Products is based on the following criteria:

  • Natural Ingredients: A product labeled "natural" should be made up of 95-100% natural ingredients made from a renewable resource found in nature (flora, fauna, mineral), with absolutely no petroleum compounds.
  • Safety: A product labeled "natural" should avoid any ingredient with a suspected human health risk.
  • Sustainability: A product labeled "natural" should use biodegradable ingredients and the most environmentally sensitive packaging.

You'll find this label on our sunscreens and soaps!

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no animal testing

The Leaping Bunny Program

By 1996, 'cruelty-free' shopping had become popular, but it was also confusing, and sometimes misleading. Companies had begun designing their own bunny logos, and creating their own definition of 'cruelty-free' and 'animal-friendly', without the participation of animal protection groups. In response, eight national animal protection groups banded together to form the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). The CCIC promotes a single comprehensive standard and an internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Logo.

Almost all of our packaging including display boxes have this logo - everything Badger uses & produces is certified by Leaping Bunny.

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Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Stewardship Council

Any product made of pulp or paper has the potential to be FSC-certified as long as the wood used in the product originates from FSC-certified sources. The FSC certification system takes business away from companies that may still be supporting illegal, unsustainable, unverified logging activities. The intent of the FSC system is to shift the market to eliminate habitat destruction, water pollution, displacement of indigenous peoples and violence against people and wildlife that often accompanies logging.

You'll find this logo on our catalogs and mailers.

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