Badger's 2016 Sunscreen Guide

New Badger Sunscreens in 2016
Badger Sunscreen - SPF25 RoseSPF 25 Rose Face Sunscreen Lighweight, easy to apply daily face sunscreen lotion. Lightly scented with Organic Rose Oil.
Badger SPF25 Rose Tinted SunscreenSPF 25 Tinted Rose Face Sunscreen Lotion Same great lighweight rose face sunscreen lotion but with a sheer mineral tint.
Badger SPF25 Unscented Sunscreen LotionSPF 25 Unscented Sunscreen Lotion Lightweight and easy to apply, this daily sunscreen lotion for face and body with soothing aloe.

We have 3 levels of sunscreens for different activities and needs.

Badger Daily Sunscreen Tab
Lighweight, easy to apply
daily sunscreen lotions
for face and body.

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Badger Active Sunscreen Tab
Moisturizing 40min water
resistant sunscreens for
beach, swimming & activity.

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Badger Sport Sunscreen Tab
Moisturizing 80min water
resistant sunscreens for
surfing & other sports.

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Rebecca Hamilton, Badger's VP of Research and Development, presents our sunscreens for 2016!