Social Initiatives

The Badger business is devoted to and built around the principles of kindness and compassion. Below are just some of the ways in which we support the people we work with, our suppliers, our community, and the people we serve.

B Corp and Badger
In 2011, Badger became a Certified Benefit Corporation, which means a third party certifier rated our company's social responsibility performance, and offered guidance for how to continually improve our business practices. In 2013, we were rated in the top 10% of all B Corps! You can read more about Badger and B Corp here.

  • Samoan coconut oilWe support farmers and farming communities, as well as our customers: As a Certified Organic company, our purchasing practices always put health of product for our customers and health of farmer community first by using Certified Organic ingredients in our products.  In addition to our organic requirement, whenever possible we use ethically sourced ingredients in our products including Certified Fair Trade ingredients. Additionally, we serve a Certified Organic lunch to our employees every day and drink Organic Fair Trade coffees and teas. All snacks in our company store are either Certified Organic or from sustainable, local farms.

  • Charitable Giving: In line with our company principles, Badger donates 10% of before tax profits to non-profit organizations that focus on the health & welfare of children (including environmental education), local organizations serving the local community, and the promotion of peace and wellbeing. Badger also matches a percentage of employee's contributions to charitable causes.. Read more on our Charitable Giving page.

  • Paid Company Community Service: Twice a year Badger employees participate in a roadside clean-up and community service projects. This is scheduled during a normal work day and all employees are paid for their service.  Also, Badger employees are paid up to 16 hours per year to volunteer their time for environmental and community projects during the year. See our 'Trash Talk' video!

  • Ecology Center Workshops: Badger offers workshops to the community on topics such as Composting, Orchard Cultivation, Planning your Flower Garden, and Healthy Beekeeping. These are open to the public, and are on a voluntary donation basis. Click for a list of upcoming workshops.

Benefits Specific to Badger Employees

To promote a healthy work environment, Badger believes in company transparency and employee empowerment. Badger works diligently to make the company a great place to work, where employees feel respected and valued, accountable to co-workers and customers, and where communication between co-workers reflects a personal and caring approach. The following are in addition to legally mandated state and federal benefits.

  • Free Lunch! Daily organic lunch served during a paid 30-minute break. Every day our fabulous cooks prepare a free, home-cooked lunch for all of the Badgers made from 100% organic and mostly local foods. During the summer months, much of the produce we use comes right from our Badger vegetable garden!

  • Health Benefits
    • Health Insurance
    • badger staff 2015Badger Wellness Fund: Limited financial reimbursement for health related expenses,including massages, sports equipment, non-qualified medical bills, etc.
    • Medical Flexible Spending Account
    • Long and Short Term Disability - company paid.
    • Health Days - similar to 'sick' days but used when you need time off to stay healthy.
    • Employee Assistance Plan - confidential, company paid, professional services to help address issues affecting personal and/or work life.

  • Calendula Garden Children's Center – Conveniently located just a few miles from Badger and staffed by experienced educators, the Center was created to serve the children of Badger employees. Its mission is to provide a safe and joyful environment for young children, one where parents feel welcomed and supported. Enrollment now includes a few children from outside the company. The facility is simple, beautiful, and mimics a home environment. Read more here.

  • Vacation Days: Including accrual and annual carry over of days.

  • Life Insurance: Badger pays 100% of premium.

  • Lunch and Work Breaks: Paid lunch 1/2 hour. Did we mention the free lunch we get everyday?

  • Simple IRA: Badger matches a percentage of employee's contribution.

  • babies at workMaternity and Paternity Leave: Paid time off to prepare for giving birth and caring for a new baby.

  • Babies at Work: On a case-by-case basis a parent may be allowed to bring their new baby to work for the first 6 months. We have had 13 babies come to work since we began this program in 2008! Learn more.

  • Profit Sharing: Badger sets aside 7% of profits to share with the employee community each year. Every person working at Badger has contributed to our success.

  • Employee Loan Assistance Program: Offering small loans to employees for financial emergencies.

  • Free long distance telephone calls up to 10 minutes.

  • Bereavement Leave and Jury Duty

  • "Do-the-Right-Thing" Policy: Provides an avenue for employees to raise concerns with the assurance that they will be protected from reprisals or victimization.

  • Other Great Benefits
    • Flexible scheduling, inclusive and fun working environment, and truly casual dress
    • Your opinions and suggestions are welcomed, and very much solicited 
    • Beautiful gardens and grounds, including a walking labyrinth
    • New employee care package plus free product quarterly. All products are available at employee pricing throughout the year.
    • Daily, free organic coffee and tea bar (with all the fixings—organic honey, natural sugar, organic milk… the good stuff)
    • Pro-deals from other natural products companies such as Dean's Beans, Rishi Tea, New Chapter, Divine Chocolates, and The Orchard Bakery
    • Company outings and activities

Sound like a great place to work? It is! See if we have any jobs available.