Tote Bags

Badger Tote Bags

Tiny Tote Bag - 10" x 7"
Price: $7.99
Small Tote Bag - 13" x 14"
Price: $9.99
Medium Grocery Bag - 18" x 15"
Price: $12.99

Badger Tote Bags

Cart your stuff around Badger-style! These sustainable totes are hand-made in the USA, and really durable!

Badger's fabulous tote bags come in three sizes: our medium "Kindness is My Compass" grocery bag measures 18"w x 15"h with 25" handles, our small tote measures 13"w x 13"h x 3"d with a 13" handle and makes a great book bag, and our tiny tote measures 10"w x 14"h with a 13" handle and is perfect as a purse, to carry toys around, or even as a lunch bag.

100% Organic Cotton.
We get our totes from Enviro-Tote®, who is a great company located right here in New Hampshire. In addition to making high-quality tote bags, American-Made Enviro-Tote® manufactures their products responsibly, with respect for the environment, and is a member/licensee of the Fair Labor Association.