2017 Badger Calendar

2017 Badger Calendar - 40% off!

Annual Calendar Filled With Beautiful Badger Artwork - only on badgerbalm.com

2017 Badger Calendar - Now 40% off!
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2017 Badger Artwork Calendar

Our 2017 calendar features beautiful illustrations by Kate Beetle, Ginny Joyner and Rennae Jackson.

Kate Beetle has been drawing cute badgers and colorful botanicals for us for years. She is a freelance artist who lives nearby in a home in the woods. We appreciate Kate’s playful, detailed work, which adorns many of our products as well as our brochures. Thank you, Kate!

Ginny Joyner began her career as an artist at a very early age, decorating her parent’s furniture and walls with her lively crayon drawings. Born in Adelaide, Australia, Ginny is a Rhode Island School of Design graduate and has been a Vermonter since 1989.

Rennae Jackson draws the whimsical badger illustrations that appear on our website, holiday cards, building signs, and in marketing materials. In addition to being an artist, Rennae works full-time in our shipping department and teaches yoga classes at Badger. Thank you Rennae for all that you do!

Opens to 11" x 17"

This product is exclusive to badgerbalm.com

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