Deluxe Wet Shave Set

Deluxe Wet Shave Set

Give him the gift of great shaving!

Deluxe Wet Shave Set
Price: $94.99
  • Contains one cruelty-free Horse Hair Brush, one artisan-crafted Pottery Shave Bowl, one 2oz bottle Pre-Shave Oil, one 3.15oz Shave Soap, and one 4oz bottle After Shave Face Tonic.
  • Great for wet-shave enthusiasts.

Everything he needs to dive right into a close shave! Whether you're gifting to a wet shaving enthusiast or a beginner, the Badger Deluxe Wet Shave Set is sure to impress. Comes with wet-shaving and skin care essentials that will satisfy the Navigator in your life. Contains one Vie-Long Cachurro Horse Hair Brush with the finest horse hair and a striking wood and metal handle; one artisan-crafted Pottery Shave Bowl; one2oz bottle Badger Pre-Shave Oil; one 3.15oz Badger Shave Soap; and one 4oz bottle Badger After Shave Face Tonic.

Horse Hair Shaving Brush is handmade by Vie-Long in Spain with the finest horsehair and a striking wood and metal handle. Extra-long hair on this brush means it keeps great lather. A thinner handle makes it perfect for getting into deeper bowls and mugs. Best of all, it performs just as well as brushes made with traditional badger hair, but no animals were harmed in order to make it. Instead, horsehair is collected from the mane and tail during the grooming process.

Pottery Shave Bowl is hand-thrown by a US-based potter who started his pottery business while home with his new baby. He now has a thriving home business with his wife and makes these bowls to order for Badger. Fits all small to medium sized soaps with a diameter less than 3.5 inches.

Badger Pre-Shave Oil features seabuckthorn and rosehip extracts blended with extra virgin olive oil and baobab oil for a super thin layer of lubrication that enhances glide and prevents razor burn. Black pepper oil gently warms skin and plumps hairs for a close and comfortable shave every time. Apply to face directly before lathering up with Badger Shave Soap.

Badger Shave Soap is enriched with soothing Aloe Vera, moisturizing Coconut Oil, and a hefty dose of glycerin for good “slip” and a smooth, non-irritating shave. All natural ingredients means our soap produces a lighter lather than conventional shaving soaps, and will leave your skin soft and clean without residue and dryness. Works best when used with our Pre-Shave Oil and applied with a quality shave brush.

Badger After-Shave Face Tonic is a light witch hazel based bracer with a cooling hit of menthol to invigorate, refresh, and tighten skin. Aloe hydrates and moisturizes while Bergamot uplifts your spirits.

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