Parker Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker Double Edge Safety Razor

Polished Chrome Safety Razor by Parker

Parker Double Edge Safety Razor
Price: $29.99
Astra Double Edge Razor Blades - Box of 5
Price: $0.99

Parker 99R Safety Razor & Blades (sold seperately)

  • Great for beginners or wet-shave enthusiasts
  • Heavyweight - double edge - butterfly open style
  • Hefty, extra long handle for better grip
  • Polished chrome finish

Wet shavers rejoice! Now you can enjoy the superior performance of our heavyweight - butterfly open - Parker 99R Double Edge Safety Razor. Perfect for beginners and advanced wet-shavers alike, it has a polished chrome finish with a hefty, long handle for a great grip that won’t slip. Closed comb razor allows for a close shave without being overly aggressive. Weighted handle helps you control the glide across your skin with zero added pressure. Twist-to-open, butterfly design opening. 4.25” long . Blades not included, but sold separately.

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades - Box of 5 - These platinum coated double edged blades are a favorite of wet shavers around the globe. They are long lasting and provide a smooth shave. Each blade is individually wrapped in wax paper. A great blade at a great price.

Feel Good Tip: Using a traditional double-edge razor is better for you and the environment. Double-edge razors are less likely to pull hairs or cut below the skin level so you can enjoy a better shave with less irritation. And with only the blade to change, you'll feel good about adding less waste to our landfills and spending less money in the long run. That definitely deserves major shave props!

New to traditional wet shaving? Check out our Pinterest board for great resources, tutorials, and tips for proper maintenance of your wet-shave tools. Take your time and enjoy the ritual!

Directions for use: Clean your razor well after each shave and replace blade often. Parker razors are renowned the world over for their craftsmanship and performance. Badger shave products are designed to work really well not only with a double-edge razor but also with a cartridge, disposable, or even a straight razor.