Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush with Olivewood Handle

Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush

Olivewood Handle

Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Olivewood Handle
Price: $39.99

Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush

  • 100% genuine, cruelty-free horse hair  
  • Handmade, water-resistant Olivewood handle
  • Great lather with both hard soaps or creams
  • Made in Valencia, Spain

A great performing shave brush that’s made with cruelty-free horse hair. We definitely like that! Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush is handmade with the finest horse hair and a genuine Olivewood handle, which is virtually impervious to water. Soft, naturally tapered tips with good backbone in the shafts make this brush ideal for use with hard shave soaps or soft shave creams. Best of all, it performs just as well as brushes made with traditional badger hair, but no animals were harmed in order to make it. Instead horsehair is collected from the mane and tail during the grooming process.

Handle length: 1.6 inches
Hair length: 2 inches
Overall length: 3.6 inches
Fits perfectly in our Chrome Shaving Stand!

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Directions for use: For best results, apply Badger Shave Soap in smooth circular movements without exerting excessive pressure on brush. To maintain brush quality, always wash after use to eliminate any excess soap residue. Learn how to break in a natural bristle shaving brush.