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Poster - Master of Space & Time Badger

Poster - Master of Space & Time

Master of Space I Time 11 x 17 poster
Price: $3.99

Beautiful Original Badger Art!

Each and every Badger product is adorned with beautiful, custom art made just for that product. We love this art so much; we just had to share it with everyone!

This colorful poster is the work of Badger artist: Ginny Joyner. For each new product line, we commission art to help tell our story. We call this Medicine Art. This is one of several incredible pieces created by Ginny to convey the adventurous spirit of our new line of certified organic and all natural men’s grooming products.

Ginny Joyner began her career as an artist at a very early age, decorating her parent’s furniture and walls with her lively crayon drawings. She was told that paper was a more acceptable surface on which to create pictures and has since been pleased to find that people enjoy her work. Born in Adelaide, Australia, she has lived in Japan and many states along the Eastern Seaboard from Florida to Massachusetts, settling in Vermont in 1989. She has been a freelance illustrator for over 30 years working in watercolor, oil, pen & ink, scratchboard and Photoshop. Thank you, Ginny!

This product is exclusive to badgerbalm.com