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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain
USDA Certified Organic

Soler Romero EVOO

Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Soler Romero EVOO Picual - 250ml bottle
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Soler Romero EVOO Picual - 500ml bottle
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Soler Romero EVOO Picual - 3 liter tin
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Single-Source Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Single-source Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from organically grown olives picked in early October and November for the very best flavor.
  • Milled within 3 hours of being picked. Imported from Southern Spain.
  • Deliciously balanced with herbal notes of green olive leaves, fruity notes of green olives, tomato, artichoke, almonds and apples, and a peppery finish—savor it!
  • 100% Picual, a variety with high oleic acid and antioxidants. Low acidity.
  • Cold extracted with no additives or blends and stored in oxygen free cellars.
  • Drizzle on salads, meat, fish, grilled vegetables, and bread, or use as a dipping sauce.
  • Perfect for frying and cooking.
  • Soler Romero is a certified organic sixth-generation family-owned estate in Spain (dating back to 1850) with olive trees over a hundred years old.
  • Same EVOO used in many Badger products, for making staff lunches, and found in the kitchen of many Badger homes. 

EVOO so good, Michelin star chefs in Europe use it—and now so can you! From grove to table, this single-source and early harvest certified organic EVOO from Soler Romero in southern Spain boasts a rich aroma, the perfect balance of fruitiness, bitterness, and pepper, and an abundance of vitamin E, enzymes, fatty acids, and antioxidants. The color is golden yellow with greenish notes. Simply put, it’s incredibly delicious and good for you!

Why We Love Soler Romero EVOO
Here at Badger, we live, eat, and breathe Soler Romero Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s found in just about every product we make. Our cooks use it to prepare a scrumptious organic lunch for staff every weekday. And for many Badger employees, it’s a staple in their kitchen. You’ll have to excuse our unabashed enthusiasm, but for us, Soler Romero EVOO is like liquid sunshine, the very taste of goodness itself!

In addition to the delicious goodness of their EVOO, Soler Romero, like Badger, is known for environmentally friendly practices, strict standards, and third-party certifications. A genuinely sustainable operation and ecological system, the only fertilizer brought to the olive farm is goat manure, and the only product that leaves is olive oil. The rest, from tree clippings to wastewater to pressed olive remnants, are recycled back into the land, enriching the soil and improving the health of the olive trees and olives. Soler Romero is one of the few organic olive farms in Spain with total traceability—every bottle can be traced back to its source on the farm.

Learn more and watch a video of our visit to Soler Romero

100% Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil—nothing else.

For daily use. Drizzle on salads, meat, fish, grilled vegetables, and bread, or use as a dipping sauce. Perfect for frying and cooking.

Heat, light, and air can affect the taste of your olive oil and its health-promoting nutrients. Soler Romero recommends that you store your olive oil in a dark, cool place. However, should your olive oil be exposed to very low temperatures and freeze, it will not affect the quality. Your olive oil will return to its original state if left at room temperature.

The best olive oils are recently produced and bottled. Soler Romero bottles only on request, to guarantee freshness and premium quality.

To retain the highest level of aroma, taste and healthy attributes, the recommended use of your olive oil is within a year from the “best before by” date. However, it will remain in good condition two years from the “best before by date” if stored as directed.