Soler Romero Olive Oil Estate in Spain


Badger's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from a family owned estate located in Alcaudete, in Jaen, Andalusia (south of Spain) called Soler Romero, whose rich olive history dates back to 1850. They produce, bottle, and distribute certified organic extra virgin olive oil, made exclusively from the olives grown on their own farm. Soler Romero is a 100% USDA certified organic olive oil producer, and they produce 100% natural juice of olives, organic, unfiltered, with no additives or blends, that preserves all of its aroma, flavor, antioxidants and vitamins. This is an intensely fruity and sweet olive oil with just a light hint of pepper on the finish. Like Badger, Soler Romero is known just as much for their environmentally friendly philosophies as they are for their high quality products.

Depending on the month of harvest, the color of their olive oil can be a lovely translucent green or a warm, rich, golden-yellow. (This also explains the variance in color in Badger's balms.) The best part about Soler Romero is that, like a fine winery, their mill is located right on the estate - this means that their olives are processed within 2 hours of being harvested! To top it all off, they have a very impressive composting system, producing their own natural, organic fertilizer from the byproducts of harvesting and pressing (branches, leaves, waste water, and olive pulp), and goat manure. Enrique, one of the family members/proprietors of the estate says, "The only thing we bring onto the farm now is goat manure from my sister Isabella’s 1000 goats. And the only thing that leaves the farm is oil. The rest we recycle and compost." This closes the production circle by recycling all byproducts and increasing biodiversity - all while covering the fertilizing needs of their olives.

Badger uses over 10,000 gallons of Soler Romero USDA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil per year! We use it in our balms, our oils, in our kitchen (Betsi uses the very same oil to cook our organic lunches), and many Badgers purchase the olive oil to use in their kitchens at home. In December of 2010, Chris and Rebecca visited Soler Romero for an olive harvest. You can watch the video from their trip, below.

We're proud of our connection to our suppliers, and for their commitment to the environment in everything they do. And of course, we're proud to say that our balms contain the very same olive oil that is chosen by Michelin Star-awarded chefs in France and Spain.