Samoan Coconut Project

organic coconut oil

We purchase our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Earthoil, which supports a USDA certified organic virgin coconut oil project in Samoa. This particular project is run by a not-for-profit women’s foundation - a unique venture aimed at rebuilding the economic independence of individual villages. By locating the production of virgin coconut oil within the villages, the returns to the villages and to the individual family groups are greatly increased.

Not all Coconut Oils are created equal. Ours is the result of a fast, fresh, traditional process. Most commercial coconut oil on the market is produced from dried coconut "meat" (copra). This is then refined, bleached, and deodorized at high heat and with the addition of chemicals. We won't use this stuff. Earthoil's process in Samoa involves whole families who collect the nuts which are then cracked, and the white flesh is extracted by hand. This flaked "meat" is then carefully dried before being passed through a hand-operated hydraulic press to produce a virgin coconut oil. This is the stuff Badger uses! Our coconut oil is produced within one hour of cracking the coconut. This process locks in the aroma "volatiles", thus giving the oil its unique coconut aroma and flavor.

The fresh coconut oil we use is delightfully fragrant and is an ideal skin moisturizer.

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