badger and the USDA organic standard

Badger's Organic Background:

Since our humble beginnings in 1996, Badger has focused on making healing products from simple natural ingredients. At Badger, we believe that the most natural ingredients are those grown without pesticides, plant hormones, or chemical fertilizers. Following our beliefs, we have consistently found and used the most high quality organic ingredients available. Our products have always been 100% natural, mostly organic, and totally good, but now we have set out to prove our commitment to organic by certifying almost all of our products with the highest and most trusted standard available, the USDA Organic Certification.

Badger and the USDA Organic Certification:

Badger believes that the USDA organic certification is the gold standard for quality and purity in personal care. The USDA Organic certification was created for simple unprocessed agricultural ingredients; however, personal care products are eligible to be certified by the USDA Organic program if the product meets the same stringent food grade standards. As of August 1st 2008, over 90% of Badger's products became USDA Certified Organic. We believe that by adhering to the USDA organic standard we bring transparency and consistency to our customers. We are strongly in support of the USDA organic standard, but we are not stopping there. We believe that true organic agriculture goes beyond the elimination of synthetic chemicals to a harmonization and sustainability of farmers, producers, consumers, and the land that we all share. Our goal at Badger is to take the organic certification as a first step on a road toward cultivating a higher standard for ingredients from the farm to the factory. We are working towards sourcing ingredients that are grown biodynamically, traded fairly, processed with thoughtful intention and to create products for all those in need of organic healing body care that works.

For more information about the standard visit the National Organic Program's website: