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EWG Badger Sunscreen

2016 - Highest Safety & Efficacy Ratings - Badger Sunscreens - EWG

Since 2006 Badger sunscreens have always been at the top of the Environmental Working Group's list for safety and efficacy. All Badger sunscreens get an overall score of 1, the best of EWG Badger Sunscreenany sunscreens. Here is how the EWG rates Badger's sunscreens:

  • UVA Protection: EXCELLENT
  • UVA/UVB Balance: GOOD
  • Sunscreen Stability: EXCELLENT
  • Health Concern: LOW


GoodGuide Badger Sunscreen

2016 - Badger made the #1-4 of 3037 sunscreens on the GoodGuide (as of May 2016)

GoodGuide scientists rate products on a 0 – 10 scale for their health, environment, and social impact. Four of Badger's sunscreens earned an overall score of 8.2 (out of 10), higher than any other sunscreens or sun care products on the market! Badger has 15 of the top 30 sun care products.


Livestrong Badger Sunscreen

2015 - Best Sunscreens in 4 Categories! - Livestrong

  • Best Kids Sunscreen - Badger Kids Sunscreen Cream, SPF 30
  • Best Scented Sunscreen - Badger Lavender Sunscreen Cream, SPF 30
  • Best Moisturizing Sunscreen - Badger Unscented Sunscreen Cream, SPF 30
  • Best Scented Moisturizer with SPF - Badger Face Sunscreen Lotion, Damascus Rose, SPF 25


2014 - Best Men's Grooming Duo - Badger's Mustache Wax and Beard Oil - Healing Lifestyles and Spas

'You moisturize and soften the hair on your head, so why not do the same for the hair on your face? Guys, these organic products from Badger's Man Care line offer a low maintenance way to groom your beard and mustache. The rich Beard Oil smells warm and spicy, like sandalwood, cardamom and black pepper, while the Mustache Wax has a light vanilla-bergamot aroma, and plus organic oils and butters to soften and tame those scratchy hairs. Your sweetie will be impressed— and want to get a little closer.'


2014 - Essentials Award - Badger Sleep Balm Ornament - Taste for Life

'These cute ornaments from Badger contain tins of USDA organic products like Sleep Balm and Sore Muscle Rub.'


2014 - Best Natural Sunscreen - Yoga Journal's Natural Beauty Awards

Here is what Yoga Journal wrote about our SPF30 Unscented Sunscreen Cream in their first ever Natrual Beauty Awards:

'The scent is almost nonexistent, which is perfect for sunscreen. It protected my skin from the sun better than many other sunscreens I’ve tried.'


2014 - Best Kid's Body Care - Badger Baby Sunscreen Cream - Delicious Living Beauty and Body Awards

Super nourishing for the most sensitive skin, this zinc oxide sunscreen is non-nano tested and features organic ingredients, including aloe and chamomile.”


2013 - Best Overall Sunscreen - All Badger Sunscreens - SafeMama

'Badger is always at the top of my lists because they really take the time to make safe products with incredible ingredients.  They seem to have mastered making their sunscreens less white on the skin without compromising the safety. Badger gets the Best Overall Sunscreen Award for 2013 for the results, the diversity of options and performance.  Thumbs up for Badger as always.


2013 - Beauty and Body Awards - Delicious Living

'We continue to give props to this company for its safe-cosmetics advocacy and mineral sunscreen advancements.'


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