Badger Employee Benefits Summary

Badger strives to be employee-focused in the health and wellness benefits and services that we offer staff. We realize that staff members are diverse in their needs and concerns and we strive to provide a progressive benefits package to help meet those needs.

We offer competitive benefits including health and life insurance; short- and long-term disability; retirement savings account; flexible spending account; paid holidays and vacation; employee assistance program; and paid community service hours, to name a few. 

But what really sets Badger apart and makes us so unique are some of our other truly terrific benefits, which include:

Wellness Fund – Unique to Badger and designed to help employees maintain good health, the Wellness Fund supplements the Company’s health insurance plan and reimburses eligible employees for both specific non-qualified medical expenses and qualified medical expenses at no cost to the employee.

Health Days – Similar to “sick” days but can be used to help keep you healthy.

Profit Sharing – Badger sets aside 7% of profits to share with the employee community each year. Every person working at Badger has contributed to our success.

Babies at Work – Unique to Badger, Babies at Work program offers new parents the opportunity to bring his or her newborn infant to work when possible. Read more here.

Calendula Garden Children’s Center – Conveniently located just a few miles from Badger and staffed by experienced educators, the Center was created to serve the children of Badger employees. Its mission is to provide a safe and joyful environment for young children, one where parents feel welcomed and supported. Enrollment now includes a few children from outside the company. The facility is simple, beautiful, and mimics a home environment. Read more here.

Other Great Benefits

  • Flexible scheduling, inclusive and fun working environment, and truly casual dress
  • Your opinions and suggestions are welcomed, and very much solicited 
  • Beautiful gardens and grounds, including a walking labyrinth
  • Daily organic lunch served during a paid 30-minute break. Lunch includes fresh, in-season produce from the Badger gardens
  • New employee care package plus free product quarterly
  • A generous employee product discount
  • Daily, free organic coffee and tea bar (with all the fixings—organic honey, natural sugar, organic milk… the good stuff)
  • Pro-deals from other natural products companies such as Dean’s Beans, Rishi Tea, New Chapter, Divine Chocolates, and The Orchard Bakery
  • Company outings and activities

This is a general summary of bene?ts and is subject to change without notice.
Please check with Human Resources for speci?c bene?ts eligibility and information.

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