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Unscented Cleansing & Face Oils

Best for: sensitive skin
Suitable for all skin types

Badger Unscented Face OilsThis is the gentlest way to cleanse your sensitive skin. The natural oils in this blend are non-irritating while still being effective at removing impurities. The USDA Organic Certification lets you know that there is no hidden “stuff” that may aggravate delicate skin.

The precious blend of sunflower, olive, and apricot oils nourish skin with a bounty of vitamins and fatty acids. As you massage gently into the skin, these oils along with castor oil gently dissolve soiled oil on your face, allowing you to gently wipe it away with a soft cloth. You will not be stripping your skin – instead, you are respecting its balance of natural oils, which sensitive skin appreciates!  

Because this product does not contain water, it also does not contain harsh preservatives or emulsifiers, which can also irritate sensitive skin. This is the purest and most natural cleansing system you can find.

Remember to allow your skin time to adjust to a new regimen – dermatologists say it can take up to a month, so be patient.

This is one of the gentlest cleansing oils we offer, along with the Damascus Rose Cleansing Oil system. Badger’s cleansing oil line is as much about self-love as it is about caring for your skin. So be sure to put time aside for this process – give yourself a moment to pamper and appreciate your skin as you cleanse it of daily impurities.

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