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7 Tips to Honor Your Natural Beauty

7 Tips to Honor Your Natural Beauty

Natural beauty surrounds us. Sometimes we find it in the spiral at the center of a sunflower, or in the last lingering colors of a sunset. We find it in the smiles of our loved ones and in the pages of magazines. But what exactly is natural beauty? Is it an ideal? A feeling? Something that lives inside us all? Or is it something to strive toward? I don’t believe that there’s a single definition that would work well for everyone. Rather, it seems that our own personal definitions of natural beauty differ as widely as we do.

We use the phrase natural beauty at Badger when talking about our Face Care products. But what do we mean when we say natural beauty? Here’s our definition plus 7 tips to honor your own natural beauty.

Natural Beauty and Self-Love

To us, natural beauty comes from self-love, and the happiness that it brings. It’s not so much a physical trait, but more of a radiation: your health, your happiness, and your spirit emanate from within. When you feel good you are happy, and when you’re happy it shows.

When Badger formulates products, we don’t start by asking: “How can we make people more beautiful?” Instead, we formulate based on a set of guiding principles that support efficacy, simplicity, and health. We strive to support each individual in honoring their natural beauty through gentle products designed to work in concert with their body’s natural systems of repair and renewal.

Simply put: our goal is to make products that help support your ability to love and appreciate yourself, letting your natural beauty shine through because you feel good.

Seven Tips to Honor Your Natural Beauty:

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One thing we know for certain is that natural beauty requires a holistic approach. There are no miracle creams or potions that will instantly make you radiate health and beauty. It requires a more thoughtful approach than just what we put on our skin.

1. Nourish your body with exercise, nutrient-rich food, water, and deep sleep.
Yeah, this one is pretty obvious but it bears repeating, because even we Badgers need reminding sometimes! The first step toward natural beauty is to take good care of you; starting within and then working your way outwards. Once you find your inner balance, beautiful and healthy skin will follow.

2. Cleanse gently with balanced plant oils.
As you probably know, Badger is a big fan of the Oil Cleansing Method. We love it because it’s simple and effective, and makes sense given the fact that we naturally have oil on our face. We also love it because it’s an opportunity to slow down and appreciate our skin – not just scrub away impurities. Physically massaging the oil onto your face removes the impure oil and replaces it with clean, biocompatible oil that helps to balance, protect, and moisturize your skin. The physical touch of your fingers massaging your skin in a circular motion also helps to promote circulation and a feeling of self-love and appreciation. Use it as an opportunity to smile at yourself in the mirror.

3. Purify with water, gentle steam, and warmth.
As mentioned in the first tip, drinking water is a powerful way to purify your skin from the inside. On the outside, warm water and steam opens pores, allowing our bodies to release toxins and the cleansing oil treatment to cleanse more deeply.

I am fortunate because the YMCA where I exercise has a sauna and steam room. My favorite thing to do post-workout is apply an Oil Cleanser and sit in the sauna while reflecting on the day… or chatting with a nice stranger about why I have oil all over my face!

4. Exfoliate with a soft organic cotton washcloth.
Gentle exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover, making your skin look fresh and glowing. And it feels really good! Using a dry or damp organic cotton cloth, gently massage your face to exfoliate and remove the oil cleanser. For a pampering experience, combine tips 3 and 4: run your washcloth under warm water, wring out, and drape over your face to steam open pores. Then gently massage the face to remove the cleansing oil.

5. Smooth skin’s appearance by using nourishing oils rich in essential fatty acids.
By using the right oils you are able to smooth the appearance of fine lines while replenishing and balancing oils removed during the cleansing process. Our favorites are jojoba, sunflower, extra virgin olive, baobab, and argan. Each one of these oils is power-packed with skin-nourishing fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants.

6. Hydrate and retain moisture with intensive emollient- and antioxidant-rich balms.
The best hydration does not come from adding water to the skin, but rather from adding an emollient to lock in the skin’s natural moisture and prevent excessive evaporation. Particularly delicate areas such as around the eye are more prone to moisture loss. It’s also good to use emollient products on skin that is frequently exposed to the elements or subjected to frequent washing, like the backs of your hands.

Note: Intensive emollient products do not need to be used all of the time, but they are especially helpful if you have dry skin. They can also be used as a weekly mask, or as a nighttime restorative treatment.

7. Protect your skin for a lifetime with minerals.
Broad-spectrum sunscreen is the only product proven to be truly anti-aging. The best protection comes from minerals that are in a power-packed base of antioxidant-rich botanicals that nourish and revitalize your skin. Sun protection should be used in combination with a lifestyle that is respectful of the natural beauty and power of the great outdoors.

Have any tips for natural beauty? Share them in the comments below!

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