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Advocacy at Badger

Kindness is our Compass

We're on a journey to create a healthier world.

Making products sustainably and ethically from only the purest natural and organic ingredients is who we are, but it’s not the whole story. Much of our work at Badger focuses on taking action to achieve positive change for people and the planet. You can see this in our commitment to climate action, our support of regenerative and organic agriculture, our work on coral reef conservation, and our promotion of family-friendly workplace policies, including paid family and medical leave and a fair minimum wage.

What Drives Us to Action

Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as our guide, we have identified how we can impact our community and the world. Climate action is the most pressing.

 “In the wake of our country’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement, we now see that businesses have a responsibility to stand up and be vocal about our commitments. To inspire others to do the same, we are joining the leaders of our industry.” –Rebecca Hamilton, 2nd generation family owner and Co-CEO

badger goes solar powered

Commitment to Net-Zero by 2030

During the 2019 UN Climate Change Conference, COP25, in Madrid, Badger committed to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to reach a 1.5 degree trajectory leading to net zero by the year 2030 - 20 years ahead of the 2050 targets set in the Paris Agreement. To help achieve this we are going solar!

coral reef safe sunscreen advocacy key west

Protecting Coral Reefs from Harmful Sunscreen Ingredients

Not only does Badger make sunscreens that are coral-friendly, meaning we don’t use any ingredients that harm coral, but we also advocate for community-based legislation banning the use of coral harming sunscreen ingredients, such as in Hawaii, Key West and the US Virgin Islands.

un convention on biological diversity rebecca hamilton

UN Convention on Biological Diversity

Badger’s Co-CEO Rebecca Hamilton addressed the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity in support of organic agriculture and a moratorium on genetic engineering to preserve healthy ecosystems and biodiversity.

regenerative agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture and NH Legislation

In an effort to sequester CO2 back into the soil we are making Badger HQ a regenerative hub, establishing a regenerative organic supply network, supporting regenerative agriculture legislation and promoting regenerative awareness.

signing the climate collaborative badger sunscreens

Signing the Climate Collaborative

We’ve signed the Climate Collaborative, a three-year project to catalyze bold action for climate action among natural products companies. We pledge to help reverse climate change by focusing on one or more of nine emissions-reducing areas: agriculture, energy efficiency, food waste, forest conservation, packaging, government policy, renewable energy, transportation, and short-lived climate pollutants (such as methane).

global climate strike badger

Global Climate Strike

On September 20, 2019, in solidarity with the Youth-Led Global #Climate Strike, Badger shut its doors, gave employees paid time off to volunteer and protest, hosted a digital “green out,” and donated 5% of proceeds to climate efforts. Some news stories about Badger’s participation: CBS News Online, Happi, CNBC, and Markets Insider

We believe that business can be a force for good and inspire change for the better. Honest and open communication, universal equity, fair living wages, and a holistic approach to work-life balance creates the conditions for a well-supported, diverse, and engaged workforce.  Our commitment to employee well-being extends from our Gilsum, NH headquarters to the halls of the U.S. Congress. We believe that everyone deserves to have a fair, equitable, and supported working environment.

diversity equity & inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We have always been committed to creating a workplace environment and community that is fair, equitable, and inclusive.

benefit corporation legislation new hampshire badger rebecca hamilton

Benefit Corporation Legislation in NH

Badger helped pass Benefit Corporation legislation in New Hampshire by working with Sen. Molly Kelly and Gov. Maggie Hassan allowing companies to legally put purpose ahead of profits.

family friendly economy babies at work badger

Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy

Badger works with the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy to advocate for legislation to establish a family and medical leave insurance program, ensure access to quality, affordable child care, provide guaranteed earned sick leave, and increase the minimum wage in New Hampshire.

national womens business council rebecca hamilton

National Women’s Business Council

Rebecca Hamilton, Badger’s Co-CEO and a family owner, has been appointed to this nonpartisan federal advisory committee to help empower women entrepreneurs across the country.

Paid Family and Medical Leave Act

Our commitment to family-centered policies remains steadfast. In January 2020, co-CEO Rebecca Hamilton was invited to testify before the US House Ways and Means Committee in support of Paid Family and Medical Leave. Badger had the distinction of being the only small, rurally-based, family-owned, and women-led business at the hearing.

lobbying US Senate for a fair minimum wage rebecca hamilton badger

Fair Minimum Wage

Badger has teamed up with a national network of business leaders through Business for a Fair Minimum Wage to fight for a livable wage for all workers including lobbying and testifying at the US Senate.

impact monadnock babies at work badger

Impact Monadnock

Katie Schwerin, Badger’s COO and co-founder, works with Impact Monadnock to engage local businesses to understand how they can make their workplaces more family-friendly. Impact Monadnock is an initiative of the Monadnock United Way focused on improving the lives of children and their families in the region.

safe cosmetics legislation rebecca hamilton white house

Safe Cosmetics Legislation

Most people don’t know that cosmetic safety is un-regulated in the USA. We are fighting to bring our country’s safety standards in line with other international cosmetic standards and regulations, to require ingredient disclosure, and to raise the safety and quality of all personal care products.

Badger Testifies in Congress for Paid Family Leave

“Federal paid leave would be a game-changer for many working families (i.e., seasonal and temporary workers, factory workers, those workers who are part of our supply chain and retail partners, and our customers and families who we care about and want to see covered). It would level the playing field for the millions of small businesses nationwide that are struggling to attract and retain engaged, skilled workers.” – Rebecca Hamilton, Badger Co-CEO meeting with US Representative Richard Neal (D-MA)

Read Rebecca's Full Testimony
rebecca hamilton us senate paid family leave

We ❤ Changemakers

Our Partners and Change Agents

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Reef Safe Sunscreens

Simply the Safest - Reef Safe Sunscreens

We are proud to be one of the first sunscreen manufacturers to attain the Protect Land + Sea certification. This new seal verifies that a sunscreen product DOES NOT contain any ingredients or contaminants considered harmful to coral reef environments, sea turtles, and other aquatic life. Not only do we use the simplest and safest ingredients in our sunscreens but we also use our voice to make a difference, advocating for a ban on coral harming sunscreen chemicals in places such as Hawaii, Key West, Palau, Aruba, and the US Virgin Islands.

Reef Safe Sunscreen