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Manufacturing at Badger

We Make It Here

Why We Make Our Own Products

Badger is a manufacturer, first and foremost, and we proudly make nearly all of our products in our own beautiful facility in rural NH. Many other skin care brands rely on outside manufacturers to make their products. Not us. We are fully engaged every step of the way, from finding the very best ingredients and packaging, to formulating, filling and testing our products, to connecting directly with our customers whom we serve. In 2011 we designed and built a custom manufacturing facility in the small town of Gilsum where the Badger family founders have resided since the 1970s. It is a beautiful building with lots of wood and natural light and good smells and happy people. We like to think that our facility represents who we are as a brand. We hope you come visit us someday, we’ll give you a tour.

Inside Our Factory


We scour the world for the highest quality organic and regenerative ingredients and the best sustainable packaging options.


Our holistic chemists custom formulate our unique products in our own in-house laboratory.


We manufacture all our products right here, from sunscreens to lip balms and we strive to create a healthy work environment for all employees.


We test all our incoming ingredients, products in development, and final products in our state-of-the-art quality control laboratory to ensure the highest standards of excellence.

Powered by the Sun

Our manufacturing facility is 100% powered by solar energy to minimize our carbon footprint.

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We’re an FDA Registered Facility

In 2017 Badger became an FDA registered drug manufacturing facility so we could make our sunscreens in-house. Over the counter drug products, such as sunscreens and diaper cream, require sophisticated manufacturing and quality systems to ensure the safety and efficacy of the finished products. Every drug product we make goes through rigorous in-house and third-party laboratory testing.

Tour the Badger Factory with Badger Bill

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