Free lip butter with every order. Free shipping at $35. Free SPF 50 tin for orders over $55Free lip balm with every order.
Free shipping at $35.
Free SPF 50 tin for orders over $55.

Charitable Giving

In line with our company principles, Badger donates 10% of before tax profits to non-profit organizations that focus on the health & welfare of children (including environmental education), local organizations serving the local community, and the promotion of peace and well-being. We also support Badger employees to volunteer their time for non-profits in our area. In addition, we grow vegetables in the Badger gardens to donate to the Keene Community Kitchen.

Badger Supports

Badger Betsi Charitable Giving

"When I first started working at Badger I had a dream that I was searching for my new green shoes. The owners, Bill and Katie, were helping me to search. How accurate our dreams often are! Here at Badger we are all constantly searching for "our new green shoes." Every decision is weighed for its environmental impact. First, do no harm. Second, when possible, help to make the earth a healthier place. It's a pleasure to work in an environment where cutting edge thinking about "doing good" is the norm.

Badgers love Earth Day. We celebrate by spending a morning wearing our sturdiest sneakers, green or not, and cleaning the local roadsides as well as our yard here at Badger. It will be a chance to turn the compost, clean out the garden beds, and plant a few flowers before we sit down together to enjoy a 100% organic, mostly local, and fair trade lunch. It's all part of a fashion trend here at Badger where we are always searching for new green shoes!”

-Betsi McGuigan - Badger's Former Lunch Chef

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