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Aromatherapy for Spring

Badger's Aromatherapy for Spring

If you’re anything like we Badgers here in the northeast, spring can’t come soon enough! The first day of spring is Friday, but with snow still on the ground it’s been feeling as though spring will never arrive, despite what the calendar says. So what does this Badger turn to in the last lingering weeks before spring? Aromatherapy to the rescue!

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using pure plant essences for mind/body benefit. To put it simply, you smell something good and then you feel good. Truthfully it works in ways that I don’t fully understand, but there’s a little experiment you can do to see it in action. Peel an orange in a room alone, and then invite someone into the room. Do you notice that they seem a little more cheerful upon entering the room? Maybe they comment happily about the smell of orange? Citrus aromas uplift our minds, and naturally put us in a better mood. While this experiment is hardly scientific process, it’s a good reminder that aroma has an impact on our psyche, whether we notice it or not.

That’s what I like best about aromatherapy: it works in the background, and in some cases you might not even notice it working. And since it’s completely non-invasive, it’s safe for just about everyone. Even the littlest among us can benefit since you don’t need to apply anything to the body to benefit from the natural aroma.

So in anticipation of spring, why not get into the mood with some aromatherapy blends? Here at Badger we combine aromatherapy with our skin-moisturizing balms. So at the very least you’ll have really soft skin that’s ready for shorts and sandals. Here are my top picks for Badger aromatherapy that’s sure to put a little spring in your step!

Cheerful Mind Balm

Organic Cheerful Mind Balm by Badger

Imagine peeling an orange in a field of ylang ylang (pronounced ee-long ee-long) flowers – this is Cheerful Mind Balm.

The blend of sweet orange and lemon uplifts the mind, and the floral notes conjure images of summer in full bloom… even if the crocuses have yet to peek out of the soil.

Badger Bill calls spearmint a “magic elf,” I think because it’s uplifting but also very light. In aromatherapy it’s a top note, which means that the scent evaporates the quickest. In Cheerful Mind Balm you’d hardly notice it’s there! But as mentioned before, you don’t need to notice it for it to work.

The cinnamon in the blend warms the mood, and also uplifts the spirit. Rosemary promotes clear thinking, allowing you to open your mind to a spring full of possibilities.

Pink Grapefruit Classic Lip Balm

Badger Organic Pink Grapefruit Classic Lip Balm

Several Badger Lip Balms have uplifting essential oils, this one just happens to be my personal favorite. To me lip balm with pure essential oils is one of the most discreet ways to reap the benefits of aromatherapy, since you apply it right under your nose. (And if you feel a little shy about pulling out a stick of Cheerful Mind Balm and applying it in front of people, a tube of lip balm flies right under the radar.)

Pink Grapefruit is my favorite because in addition to having uplifting properties, I’ve read that grapefruit is also good for stress. If grapefruit isn’t your thing we make blends of tangerine, lavender and orange, and spearmint (to name a few) – and that’s just our classic lip balms! Badger also makes Cocoa Butter Lip Balms which, in addition to the pure essential oils, smell like dark chocolate. Just the thought of chocolate is uplifting to me!

After Sun Balm

As the name implies this balm was created for use after you’re out in the sun. But the benefits of this balm don’t stop there. Loaded with rich butters and oils, this balm is ideal for intensive winter moisturizing. And the aroma makes me feel like I’m in a hammock swinging in a tropical breeze, just like the Badger on the tin!

Badger Organic After Sun Balm

After Sun Balm mixes flowers and citrus, but there are a couple of ingredients that make it extra special. One such ingredient is lime essential oil, which is fresh and energizing – just like spring. If you’re worried that the lime might make the balm photosensitizing - don’t be: we use steam distilled lime which, unlike expeller pressed lime, does not make it photosensitizing.

Another special ingredient in this balm is the cocoa butter. Since Badger uses an unrefined cocoa butter it still retains a little bit of that dark chocolate scent. So, much like our Cocoa Butter Lip Balms, it gives you that chocolate “feel good” without any calories!

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What’s your idea of spring aromatherapy? Leave a comment below!

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