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Badger Takes a Stand on Climate Action

Badger headquarters in Gilsum New Hampshire - as pictured from the gardens, 2014.
Beautiful Badger HQ - as pictured from the gardens, 2014.

Badger Takes a Stand on Climate Action

Badger has always stood for something. We stand for safe, effective healing products made with pure, organic ingredients. We stand for healthy and family-friendly business. We stand for kindness and environmentally responsible practices. And recently, we decided to take a public stand on climate action. Last month, we signed an open letter to the international community pledging to do our part to uphold the Paris Agreement and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 26-28% by 2025.


Human-induced climate change has become a fact of life. We are seeing warmer winters, reduced snowfall, increased severe weather events like flooding, and changing plant and animal populations that threaten regional biodiversity. In short, human-induced climate change threatens the stability of our planet and its ability to support and sustain the life that depends on it.

At Badger, we see environmental justice and social justice as inextricably linked. The heart of our commitment to sustainability lies not just in protecting the plants and animals we share the earth with, but in securing a future for generations to come. For us, taking action on climate is the next, logical step in family friendly business practices.

We believe that is ever more imperative that businesses, organizations, and individuals take individual and collective action to build a more inclusive economy with an ever-shrinking carbon footprint that exists in support of a shift to clean energy. We are part of a global community of impact, and what we do as individuals has repercussions for the rest of the world. While the consequences of climate change here in New England have been less dramatic than those felt elsewhere, we believe it is our duty as global citizens to do our part to reduce our impact and reduce our carbon footprint for the benefit of all.


We have made commitments through the Climate Collaborative to help reverse climate change through 5 different categories of impact. In addition to the yearly goals we share in our Annual Impact Report, we also are hard at work crafting a long-term social and environmental impact plan that incorporates shrinking our carbon footprint and setting long-term climate goals.

The commitments we’ve made

Energy Efficiency
We will track our energy use, create a baseline and set clear reduction targets, implementing practices to reduce our energy consumption and GHG emissions. While we have been monitoring our electricity and GHG emissions for over two years, we have recently expanded our building and have not yet established a new baseline or set reduction targets.

We will support legislation to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy, to increase investment in a clean energy economy, support climate change adaptation and establish a carbon tax.

Renewable Energy
We have already switched to 100% renewable power through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

We will implement practices to reduce GHG emissions associated with packaging as much as possible through supporting more sustainable alternatives to plastic, higher post-consumer recycled content, reducing the amount of materials used and packaging efficiency.

Forests: Remove commodity-driven deforestation from supply chainsWe will set targets and work towards assuring that key commodities across our supply chain (e.g., palm, soy, paper/pulp) come from deforestation-free sources. We will set these goals in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, which call for a halt to deforestation by 2020.

What Now?

The world is changing, and it is imperative that we shift and change with it. It is a sad reality to accept, but also an opportunity for change, a galvanizing call-to-action around which we can come together in support of a cleaner economy. And this shift is a beautiful opportunity for innovation, for creative problem solving and unity in support of our common welfare!

As a B Corp and NH Benefit Corporation, we see it as our responsibility to take action, to live our mission by being the change we want to see in the world. Want to join us? Petition your town, school or business to join the movement and show the world that #WeAreStillIn. Follow us on social media and our blog to learn how you can reduce your climate impact and take action alongside us!

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