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Begin Anew with Aromatherapy

Wherever you are in the world, we’re wishing you a very happy New Year from here in Gilsum, NH! ♥

Is it just us, or does the whole world seem to be exhaling a collective sigh of relief this January? It feels like an opportunity to begin anew—to begin new friendships, new healthy habits, and new creative projects. And while we can’t completely begin anew (after all, we’re still in a pandemic), we can all take hopeful, socially distanced steps into a brighter 2021.

Badger Aromatherapy sticks

Here at Badger, we find aromatherapy to be a magical way of supporting and sustaining new habits. (Technically, it’s science, not magic… or maybe a little bit of both.) Either way, inhaling a unique fragrance can bypass your conscious mind and influence your emotions on a deeper level—making it the perfect tool for sticking to those tricky New Year’s resolutions! Whether it’s a whiff of Focus Balm to sharpen your mind or a sniff of Cheerful to lift your mood, the right scent blend can give your mind an extra boost of encouragement. So as you begin this year, here are a few aromatherapy favorites to inspire you in all your new beginnings.

sunflower illustration

Begin a new morning routine

yoga pose

It can be near-impossible to crawl out from under those warm blankets… especially in the wintertime. But a productive morning can help set the tone for the rest of your day! Boost your mood and mental health with these morning tips to greet the sunshine.

cheerful mind balm
Cheerful Mind Balm is like sunshine in a tube - perfect for wintry mornings!
  • Rest in Child’s Pose. Simple enough to do in bed, this restorative stretch can be a grounding and centering way to start the day.
  • Greet the sun with a vinyasa. For a more energizing flow, try a simple Sun Salutation to welcome the morning light!
  • Put on some music. Treat yourself with some mood-lifting tunes while you get ready for the day.

Keep it nearby: Cheerful Mind Balm

Something about citrus always brightens your mood. Keep Cheerful Mind Balm by your bedside table for a yummy burst of happiness in the morning, kind of like sniffing a freshly peeled orange.

Begin a new creative project

Ask any Badger, and you’ll hear about some pretty cool hobbies outside of work. We’re talkin’ award-winning beer brewing, community nonprofits, and jewelry making. If you're determined to start setting time aside for your own passion projects this year, set yourself up for success with these productivity-enhancing habits!

  • Create a designated workspace. Make it beautiful and pleasant – a space you really look forward to using. When you arrive in your workspace, you know it’s time to focus.
  • Carve out a block of time in your schedule – and guard it. Maybe you can go to bed a little earlier and free up some time in the morning. Maybe you have a free 20 minutes late at night. Whatever time you can find, keep it reserved for your own creativity!

Keep it nearby: Focus Balm

Enhance your clarity of mind with essential oils of lemon, rosemary verbonene, and grapefruit. When your mind drifts elsewhere, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself and return to the task at hand.

Begin a new fitness routine

Oh, exercise… Such a common resolution, and so hard to stick to! This year, resolve to find a workout you really, truly love. Always itching to get outside? Try hiking or mountain biking. Love listening to music? Take a dance class. Make your workout work for you!

Here’s how Badger Bill stays active with a practice he loves:

Badger Bill aikido

I study a martial art called Aikido. It is often referred to as ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ and is characterized by high-speed attack and a flowing, blending, high-flying circular response. Hard to explain, amazing to experience. I especially like the feeling of flying through the air and landing gracefully when thrown! An Aikido class is mind-expanding, humbling, rewarding, exciting and centering. My study cultivates a peaceful spirit and reminds me to be grateful... A fine way to welcome in the New Year.

Keep it nearby: Sore Muscle Rub

Created by Badger Bill to soothe his aches and pains from Aikido practice, this tingly blend of cayenne and ginger relaxes stiff muscles, with a wonderfully spicy scent. Use it before a workout for a burst of energy, or afterwards for a soothing stretch.

Begin a new mindfulness practice

Badger Katie labyrinth
Katie leading breathing exercises in the Badger meditation labyrinth.

Mindfulness has countless benefits for happiness, creativity, and stress reduction… but you probably already knew that. The hard part is actually doing it. Luckily, there are lots of ways to fit moments of mindfulness into even your busiest days.

  • Start the day with some breathing exercises. Katie and Bill began doing these exercises in March. “We woke up early each day and stood on our porch outside our home in the country," she says. "Sometimes, I have done it in my garden labyrinth. It is short, maybe 5-10 minutes, but when I do these exercises, I feel the effect over the rest of my day. It is strengthening and centering.”
  • Take a moment for mindfulness during the day. You don’t have to be in a yoga studio to cultivate mindfulness! If you’re at your desk, in your car, or at the grocery store, you can tune in to the sounds, smells, and space around you for a quick moment of sensory appreciation.

Keep it nearby: Yoga & Meditation Balm

Just as the noble trees are deeply rooted in the ground, this blend works to bring a centering and grounding experience to any meditation. Sandalwood, frankincense, and myrrh support your practice by inspiring a mood of reverence and calm.

star and moon

Begin a new bedtime routine

Resolving to start the year with more focus and energy? Start by improving your sleep! A calming ritual before bed can help your brain transition out of the day’s activities and embrace the time for rest—leading to better sleep and improved well-being. Here are a few ideas for your new evening routine:

  • Avoid screens. You probably know that the blue light interferes with your sleep regulation… but it’s just so hard to keep the screens away! Try keeping books by your bed (for reading instead of TV watching), and leaving your phone charging in another room.
  • Write down 3 things you’re grateful for. The practice of gratitude journaling has been shown to “train” your brain into recognizing feelings of gratitude throughout the day – one of the most powerful ways to feel happier. Start with this simple practice of writing down the good stuff!
  • Change into comfy pajamas. Especially on cold winter nights, a soft pair of PJs always helps when it’s time to snuggle into bed. Try these organic cotton pants from Tentree.

Keep it nearby: Sleep Balm

This dreamy lavender balm won’t make you sleepy (it’s not a drug); rather, it’s a calming, soothing blend of essential oils to help quiet your busy mind. Apply anywhere and let sleep come naturally.

And after all that, even if you still can’t stick to your resolutions… that’s okay. You can begin anew any day of the year.

Wishing you a wonderful start to 2021!

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  • This article beautifully highlights the holistic benefits of aromatherapy for starting fresh. The detailed explanations and recommended practices are highly informative. Thanks for sharing.
    Badger replied:
    Aww! Thank you for your kind words! We’re so grateful for your lovely feedback. Thank you for reading!


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