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Benefits of Natural Man Care (Infographic)

This is a guest post from our friends at Prim&Prep - enjoy!

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At Prim&Prep, we consider ourselves something of experts in the field of male grooming—having spent years in our search for the elusive holy grail of shaving, facial hair maintenance, and body grooming. Considering all of the major advancements technology has brought us, we're definitely not against it if it allows us to get a smoother, more painless shave or have that perfectly trimmed healthy looking beard. The only problem is that after years of searching and trying out hundreds of different products, we’ve yet to come across a single synthetic compound that provides the same level of lubrication, comfort and closeness as you get using an all-natural shaving cream/soap, or the same level of conditioning and pleasant aroma that an organic beard oil provides. This is why we are huge fans of Badger products! They have made the top of many of our best product lists including our list of the best beard oils. Furthermore, we are honored for the opportunity to provide this guest post to show our appreciation of their great work and upstanding mission and principles as well as share our valuable knowledge with other fellow Badger admirers.

The world of male grooming can sometimes be incredibly complex and is continuously changing quite rapidly. No longer are men forced to use inferior razors or seek out a professional barber every time we need a shave. While this is obviously a huge plus, the problem is that there are now so many different shaving creams, gels and other products out there that it can be hard for even the most knowledgeable of men to choose one product from another.

With this is mind, today we'd like to discuss one of our favorite topics—natural and organic shaving products. One of the biggest results of our march towards modernity has been the development of a wide variety of synthetic chemicals, many of which have dramatically changed and improved the way we do things. However, when it comes to your skin, hair and beard, the truth is that man has yet to catch up to nature.

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Benefits of Natural Man Care - Prim&Prep and Badger Balm

While there is no doubting the fact that those canned shaving foams and gels are incredibly convenient, the problem is that they simply don't work nearly as well as the more natural ones. While natural/organic ingredients tend to provide better lubrication and work to moisturize and condition the face and hair, the opposite tends to be true of the more chemically laced products. These chemicals generally tend to strip away the body's natural oils, thus drying out the skin and leading to more irritation. Despite the major shaving companies' claims to the contrary, man has yet to develop synthetic products that are a match for those designed by nature.

For this reason, we've made it our mission to help guide other men on the right path to a better shave, and it all begins with nature. Now we're not hippies or health nuts, and we're definitely not here to tell you that you need to go organic and eliminate all chemicals from your life. All that we're saying is that the added benefits from natural and organic products far outweigh their additional costs, and after reading our infographic on the benefits of natural grooming products, we're sure you'll agree with us when we say that sometimes Mother Nature still knows best.

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