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Caring for your Movember Mustache

mustaches are cool

How cool is Movember?! More than 4 million “Mo Bros and Mo Sistas” having fun, looking stylish, all while raising awareness and money for men’s health projects. And if you know anything about Badger you know that having fun and doing good in the world are two of our favorite things!

We’ve heard from a number of our Badger fans who are participating this year, so we thought we’d share a few tips to keep your ‘stache looking good while you’re doing good in the world.

Combatting “the Itch”
Starting with a clean-shaven face can potentially result in a little bit of itch as you first start to grow your mo. Causes of “the itch” are numerous, but most agree that the biggest culprits are dry skin and the sharp edges of growing hairs caused by shaving (because shaving cuts hair at an angle). Keeping the area moisturized with soothing oil is something you can do to help reduce itchiness. This will help condition your skin and keep your whiskers pliable and soft as they spring forth from your manly face. Badger’s best-bets for itch-less growth are Beard Oil and/or Unscented Face Oil. Both are based in soothing botanical oils which moisturize skin, and help to soften stubble for less new-growth friction. Simply apply a few drops of oil to your fingers and smooth into your mustache. Give it a minute or two to absorb, and lightly dab away any excess. This can be done day or night, but typically works best right out of the shower.

Moisturizing is important
Not only does a good moisturizing regimen combat itch, it also helps to keep facial hair laying straight. So whether you’re going for a push-broom, trucker, or handlebar mustache, moisturizing should be a regular part of your routine. As your mustache starts to grow, continue to apply a moisturizing oil concentrating not only on the hair but also the skin underneath, and use a comb to tame those unruly whiskers. Any excess can be blotted away as mentioned above, or worked into the rest of your face for a one-step hair and skin soother. You can also consider mustache scissors, if nothing else seems to work.

Style if You Desire
Feeling adventurous? Or maybe you just have a really course mustache that needs a little extra taming? That’s where Mustache Wax comes in handy. It can be used sparingly to keep hairs in-line, or liberally to be twisted into any number of shapes. The key to a good natural mustache wax is the waxes that are used – in Badger’s case, we combine carnauba, which is the hardest natural wax out there, with soft beeswax. The result is a tacky, medium hold with really great shine (remember, carnauba wax is also most commonly used as a furniture or car polish). There are several different methods for applying wax to your mustache (and dozens of how-to videos), but here are a couple of options you can try. For the “less-is-more” look: use a hair dryer to soften the mustache wax, which makes it easier to transfer a small amount onto fingertip and then onto mustache. Immediately after applying, use a comb to evenly distribute the wax and style. For a “more-is-more” look: dig a small amount (lentil-sized) and work between forefinger and thumb until soft and pliable. Work into mustache, and then twist it into any number of shapes. If you find a clump, use your comb to remove and then continue to twist and style. You can even combine this with the hair dryer method to get just the right amount! The cool thing about mustache wax is that it doubles as a mustache conditioner, helping to lock in moisture and keep hair soft and smooth. Don’t forget to smile as you style – your mustache should complement your best feature, after all.

Movember is for Mustaches
This means that you continue to shave your cheeks and chin. Whichever way you prefer – cartridge, double-edge, or straight razor – be sure to treat your skin kindly. Consider using a Pre-Shave Oil to soften stubble and aid “glide” as you drag your steel across your face. Pre-Shave Oils help to reduce irritation primarily caused by hairs being caught and pulled by razors. If you have especially sensitive skin, consider skipping alcohol-based after shave bracers and instead using moisturizing oils like our Badger After Shave Face Oil. It has a cool zing of menthol for a refreshing feel, but it’s not drying like other splashes and gels. Note: do not use Pre-Shave Oil with electric razors.

One of the best things about using pure essential oils in your routine is that a number of them come with natural anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. So you not only smell great and look great, but you feel great too.

And remember fellas – care of your facial hair matters – not only to you, but also to your loved ones. As much as we love you guys (and your stubble), we don’t necessarily love getting burned by your cactus face. So keep it soft, handsome!

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