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Conservation Art: A New Look for Who We've Always Been

sleeping badger art

Since our founding in 1995, our commitment to a healthier world has found expression in our beloved artwork. It’s been part of our identity ever since our founder, Bill, released the first Badger Balm and commissioned a local artist to create one-of-a-kind artwork for the packaging. We see it as some goodness on the outside to reflect what’s on the inside, a touch of healing magic to delight the mind and soul. 

As we celebrate 25 years in business and look ahead to the next quarter century, we feel called into a new era. We have been steadily expanding our climate advocacy and wildlife conservation efforts as we recognize that many different spaces need our help, from coral reefs impacted by chemical sunscreens to soils depleted by conventional ingredient farming. Rather than anthropomorphize these animals and ecosystems, we feel that our cornerstone artwork should represent them authentically – because appreciating nature helps us remember why we need to protect it.  

Just as we did in 1995, we’ve been working with a talented artist to reenvision our product packaging in a way that celebrates the outdoor spaces we enjoy and hope to protect, from the waves we surf to the trails we explore. This new design on the outside also reflects the ingredients we use on the inside: clean, simple, close to nature, and of the highest quality. If our whimsical original Badger artwork represented the dreamer in all of us, this new artwork illustrates our waking clarity that our impact on the natural world matters now more than ever.  

Can you guess which artwork belongs to each of our sunscreens? Keep reading or click to find out!

Badger sunscreen new art

What is Conservation Art?  

We are thrilled to be partnering with Rachel Hudson, a wildlife illustrator working with leading conservation organizations (including the Badger Trust!), to expand our artwork’s ‘biodiversity’—depicting more of the wild spaces and species we seek to protect. You’ll notice that the new artwork features more than just badgers; our new designs celebrate pelicans, monarch butterflies, turtles, and more.

Working at the intersection of science and art, Hudson’s conservation art aims to raise awareness of endangered animals and ecosystems, helping people appreciate the beauty and importance of these creatures. “My ethos has evolved from a deep love of wildlife formed in childhood,” she says, “enriched by studying the anthropology of art and indigenous societies that live more closely with nature… and having worked in conservation, alongside ecologists and environmental campaigners.” 

 Rachel Hudson

With bold shapes and lively colors, Hudson has captured coastal birds along Big Sur, the vibrant fish and corals of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and the pelicans that surfers often encounter racing them across the waves. “My goal is to capture the essence of a species or a wild place, because that’s when people can form a connection with that particular species,” she says. “I looked at quite a few videos of pelicans air-surfing to get an idea of where they fly above the wave and how they hold their wings, so that was quite fun!” 

 “What’s lovely about working with Badger is that we’re so aligned,” says Hudson. “We both want to make a positive difference with what we create.” Thanks to her deeply intentional and beautiful creations, we hope every Badger product can be a reminder of the healthier world we imagine.  

 Badger Sunscreen New Art

The Badger Logo  

So how does our original Badger logo fit into this rebrand? In collaboration with our design team, Ascent, we simplified our many friendly badgers to just one mascot, a guardian of nature and all its inhabitants. With a strong and determined spirit, the badger is fierce and persistent in overcoming obstacles, successfully seeing projects through to the end.  

In creating the new logo, the team incorporated our favorite elements from over the years – the badger’s hopeful gaze on our Foot Balm, the badger’s kind eyes on our Baby Balm, and the golden orb that our original badger clutches in his paws – combining them into one mascot that stands for all of our company values. 

Then, of course, there was the wordmark. When Bill created Badger in 1995, he sketched the word himself, a wordmark that went on to appear on every product. That made for a truly one-of-a-kind wordmark, but it also meant we only had those six letters! So, as a nod to our founder, the team asked Bill to sketch the word BADGER as he had done for the original design in 1995. Based on his handwriting, the team built out an entire custom font called Badger Apothecaria. (Yes, we know that’s not a word… but we still think it’s pretty cool.)  

Badger original wordmark

Toward a Healthier World  

Just as the badger is connected to the earth, we strive to honor our connection to nature with every product we make. The same sunscreen ingredients that are concerning for humans (including oxybenzone and octinoxate) have been shown to bleach or kill coral, even at extremely low concentrations. This is why we take the products we make seriously, and it’s why we’ve taken our work a step further.

We’ve supported Hawaii in becoming the first state to pass legislation banning chemical sunscreens. As a member of the Safe Sunscreen Council, we’ve proudly worked with other sunscreen brands to support new legislation and raise awareness about reef-friendly sun protection. And we are fighting to bring our country’s safety standards in line with other international cosmetic standards and regulations, to require ingredient disclosure, and to raise the safety and quality of all personal care products. 

“We believe in creating products that are good for your skin and the environment,” says Rebecca Hamilton, family owner and Co-CEO at Badger. “Badger has always considered the environmental impact of our products, so we were making naturally reef-safe sunscreens long before people were searching for them. We feel we have a responsibility to make products that are truly safe for people and safe for ecosystems.” 

Making products sustainably and ethically from only the purest natural and organic ingredients is who we are, but it’s not the whole story. Much of our work at Badger focuses on taking action to achieve positive change for people and the planet. You can see this in our commitment to climate action, our support of regenerative and organic agriculture, and our work on coral reef conservation. With this new brand identity, we’re honoring this mission while looking toward the future with excitement, determination, and hope.  

Thanks for being on this journey with us!

Badger Building New Art


  • I love the high quality ingredients of Badger products, but I must admit, I was more inclined to purchase because of the beautiful original artwork. I understand the meaning behind the new designs, but sometimes it takes a more whimsical approach on a design to get people interested in our natural world. I think there is beauty in being able to draw people’s attention to animals and our environment, which the previous artwork effectively did.
    Badger replied:
    Thank you for your honest feedback! We appreciate hearing your perspective and thank you for reading!

  • The new art/labels cannot compare with the beauty of the original labels. I will continue to buy Badger products because of the great quality and respect for nature, but I really don’t like the new labels.
    Badger replied:
    Thank you for your honest feedback! In 2021, we made the decision to move away from representing our Badger as an anthropomorphized being. We decided this after much consideration, weighing our mission to make the world a healthier place with our love of the original art.

    If our former Baby art was whimsical and imaginative, we hope our new art brings meaning with simplicity – an ode to nature and the animals we share this planet with. Rather than have a mother badger cradling her little one like a human, our new Baby art shows the animals’ natural bond in a field of chamomile and calendula. By representing these animals in a realistic habitat, we hope to shift from personification to eco-friendly artwork that speaks to our mission. We feel that our cornerstone artwork should represent them authentically – because appreciating nature helps us remember why we need to protect it.

    The original artwork will always be dear to us, and our wonderful Badger will continue to be part of our packaging! The Badgers

  • Love your products and your purpose!! Just wanted to say how much I also admire the original art and hope it continues to be featured :)
    Badger replied:
    Thank you for your kind words of support! We made the decision to move away from representing our Badger as an anthropomorphized being. We decided this after much consideration, weighing our mission to make the world a healthier place with our love of the original art. As a part of our rebrand, we have changed the art on several of our products. We’ve made this change for a couple of reasons, one of the biggest is that we have done a lot of work in formulating products that are safe for their respective environments. We wanted to show the ecosystems and natural resources that our products intend to help protect.

    We love our original art too! The rebranded art is all being done by the same conservation illustrator, and although some products no longer feature the Badger, Badgers will still appear on some of the rebranded products. We feel that our cornerstone artwork should represent them authentically – because appreciating nature helps us remember why we need to protect it.

    We appreciate your feedback!

  • I’ve been using Badger balm[s] for about 20 years, and I have kept many of the empty tins for the wonderful Badger art. It was like getting a 2 for 1 deal…fabulous product inside, with equally fabulous art outside. I will miss seeing my favorite critter doing amazing things that only fearless badgers would dare to do…but it won’t stop me from continuing to use your amazing products.
    Badger replied:
    Thank you for your honest feedback! The original artwork will always be dear to us and our wonderful Badger will continue to be part of our packaging! The Badgers

    CJ Bagley
  • I think I’ve tried pretty much most all the badger products, there’s nothing but good all amongst them. They’re my favorites for sure. These products and this company art I think may be my absolute favorite, not only because of the quality and the enjoyment that they give me, but because of their decency and genuine commitment to what is good and right. I don’t think there’s a better company with better products out there. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I consider always my home to be in New Hampshire. I don’t live in New Hampshire anymore however I was raised there and there’s no question that when I’m asked where my home is I always say New Hampshire. There is no doubt that’s what my heart is. And given a lot of the politics in New Hampshire these days, thank God this companies with the commitment that you have to do right and be right. We all need that.
    Badger replied:
    Thank you so much for your kind words and genuine feedback!

    Kindly, The Badgers


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