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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Obsession

Soler Romero extra virgin olive oil
Soler Romero's organic olives basking in the Spanish sun.

Here at Badger, we’re serious about our olive oil. Two-thirds of our more than one hundred products have organic extra virgin olive oil as a primary ingredient and we use over 16,000 gallons each year! However, we don’t just use any old olive oil; we use only the finest organic extra virgin olive oil in the world, the kind that’s coveted by chefs and epicurean food snobs. In fact, we use the same olive oil every day in the Badger kitchen and sell it to employees at a discount to bring home.

What makes some olive oil so special and how can you tell?

Our olive oil comes from Soler Romero, a single estate in southern Spain that has been growing olives organically and making olive oil for seven generations. The benefits of estate oil are like those of estate wine in that they have full control over the agriculture, harvest timing, production, and storage. For example, Soler Romero’s olives are cold-pressed within two hours of harvesting, with the final oil stored under a nitrogen atmosphere to prevent oxidation. Like a synchronized ballet, everything is perfectly coordinated and timed to produce one of the finest extra virgin olive oils in the world that has won numerous international awards.

The only way to determine the quality of an olive oil is by taste. Colors can be deceiving, so professional olive oil tasters’ sip from dark blue cups so they can’t see the color. The Badger olive oil has a spicy aromatic and smooth flavor with a peppery finish, a classic gourmet extra virgin olive oil. To produce the highest quality oil with the most health benefits, Soler Romero uses only perfectly ripe olives.

What are the benefits of using such high-quality extra virgin olive oil in skin care?

In addition to being deeply moisturizing and hydrating for the skin, extra virgin olive oil has very high levels of natural antioxidants such as polyphenols and vitamin E. Polyphenols give extra virgin olive oil its deep green color and spicy bitter taste. On the skin, polyphenols scavenge free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and photoaging, and have anti-inflammatory properties, keeping your skin feeling and looking younger. Olive oil can also help to mitigate skin damage caused by exposure to the sun or other elements or contaminants. Read more about antioxidants in olive oil.

Badger Rebecca tries her hand at harvesting olives for olive oil at the Soler Romero estate in southern Spain
Badger Rebecca tries her hand at harvesting olives for olive oil at the Soler Romero estate in southern Spain

The Badger Difference

Most skin care products with olive oil use ‘cosmetic grade’ or ‘pomace’ oil. This is the lowest quality form of olive oil, extracted from olive remnants using solvents like hexane, and clearly labeled as ‘not fit for human consumption’. At Badger, we use only the finest quality olive oil because we believe it provides the most benefits to your skin and overall health.

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  • This blog is very beneficial to individuals. Soler Romero uses only perfectly ripe olives to create the highest quality oil with the greatest number of health advantages.
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    Thank you for stopping by! We agree that Soler Romero olive oil is wonderful! Kindly, The Badgers

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