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Give More, Waste Less

We all know the feeling. The holidays are a few weeks (or, let’s be honest, days) away, and you’re still looking for those amazing gifts you’re determined to give this year. Each one needs to be meaningful, creative, and perfect for the recipient. Because if you’re anything like me, you wish you could give your loved ones piles and piles of joy – they deserve it.

At the same time, many of us are mindful of the consumer craze that the holidays often are. From articles about staggering waste during the holidays, to awesome initiatives like REI’s #OptOutside, there are plenty of reasons not to shop at all.

illustration of badgers ice skating
Two Badgers happily demonstrate how to #OptOutside.

So what’s a gift-loving, waste-hating shopper to do?!

Well, we bring glad tidings, Badger friends! This holiday season, try shopping with this simple mantra in mind: Give more, waste less.

How to give more

Let’s be clear: giving more doesn’t mean giving more things. (Some of the best gifts aren’t things at all!) Giving more means the kind of giving that spreads love even beyond the recipient. Whether you’re supporting a local artist or the efforts of a nonprofit, the holidays are a wonderful time to vote with your wallet. Seek out some awesomely sustainable gifts your family and friends will love, or support B Corps helping to create a better world. After all, every purchase is an opportunity to make a difference.

Here in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire, we give more by celebrating “Plaid Friday.” Residents don flannels and plaid shirts to shop at small businesses in the area, seeking out beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry or local cooking classes. These are the kinds of gifts that feel good in every way, from gift-maker to gifter to giftee!

When you buy a gift from Badger, you’re gifting more than a balm. You’re gifting a sustainable product made with 100% solar power. You’re supporting family-friendly business practices and buying from a B Corp. And you’re gifting a high-quality, skin-soothing treasure that will be enjoyed to the very last drop!

How to waste less

badgers and a tree

And now for the second bit of gift criteria: waste less.

Think about the most meaningful gift you’ve ever gotten. Chances are, you didn’t use it once – you used it over and over again. Therein lies the secret to wasting less: Give something reusable! Whether it’s a cozy wool sweater or an experience to be remembered forever, try to give a present that will be treasured for years to come.

The lovely thing about Badger tins is that they make great zero-waste gifts. The goodness inside every tin is just the start – you can use the packaging over and over!

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

1. Turn your Sleep Balm into a cozy candle

Finally scooped the last bit of Sleep Balm out of the tin? Never fear! You can turn it into a soothing nighttime candle for your bedside table.

You will need:

  • A wick (can be yarn covered in wax)
  • A double boiler
  • Leftover candle stubs
  • Chopsticks
badger tin on a desk

Step 1: Clean out your tin. Melt down your leftover candles in a double boiler.

Step 2: When the wax is completely melted, hold the wick upright in the center of your tin and pour in the wax. Save a little extra for later.

Step 3: Lay two chopsticks across the tin to hold the wick upright. Let it harden for two hours.

Step 4: If the top isn't smooth, pour the remaining wax over the top of the candle and let harden.

Trim the wick and enjoy your new candle!

Giving Sleep Balm as a gift this year? Print this gift tag with instructions for repurposing the tin!

2. Turn your Beauty Balm into a mini planter

Used up the last bit of Beauty Balm? Time to beautify your bathroom shelf! Plant a tiny plant or succulent in the jar for a little touch of nature.

You will need:

  • A small succulent
  • Potting soil
  • A top dressing, like fine gravel
reusable packaging

Step 1: Clean out your jar and fill almost to the top with potting soil.

Step 2: Remove your succulent from the nursery container, remove the soil from its roots, and nestle into your jar.

Step 3: Cover with a layer of small stones.

Step 4: Wait 1-2 days before watering. Enjoy your new succulent!

Giving Beauty Balm as a gift? Print this gift tag with instructions for repurposing!

3. Use Hardworking Hands balm to store goodies

Chances are, if you’re giving someone a hardworking hands balm, they use their hands for something – whether it’s crafting or construction. Let them know that their tin is perfect for holding pins and needles, or nails and screws!

badger tins full of nails
The perfect balm (and storage tin!) for hardworking hands.

It doesn’t end there. Cleaned-out tins make great cookie cutters, spice organizers, or seed starters. Badger face care bottles are beautiful for holding flowers. You can even decorate tins or jars to give small gifts, like earrings or necklaces.

As you’re making your list and checking it twice, we wish you a season filled with love – one not just about gifts, but about spreading holiday cheer everywhere you go.

How do you like to reuse your Badger tins, bottles, and jars? Tell us in the comments!

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