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How to Choose the Best Mineral Sunscreen

Badger's Best Mineral Sunscreens 2022

Congratulations! You’ve made the switch to a reef-friendly, mineral-based sunscreen. No more endocrine disruptors, no more synthetic chemicals and carcinogens, and no more coral reef bleaching! Now all you need to do is choose the best mineral sunscreen for you…

But Badger, you make so many incredible sunscreens! How is a person to choose the right one?

Fear not, outdoor adventurer! We have five simple categories to choose from: Active, Sport, Adventure, Kids, and Baby. Within each of these categories, we offer a variety of tins, tubes, sticks—and even an SPF lip balm! No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Active Mineral Sunscreen

ACTIVE SUNSCREENS: Clean, moisturizing SPF 15, 30, and 35 mineral sunscreens for active lifestyles.

These are our most versatile sunscreens. Offering at least 40 minutes of water resistance, they’re moisturizing and won’t sweat into your eyes—the perfect pairing for all your active adventures. With a wide range of SPF values, we’ve got an option for everyone in the family.

When to use Active sunscreens: Hiking, going for a light jog, doing yard work, heading to the farmer’s market, kayaking, or jumping in the pool.

Sport Mineral Sunscreen

SPORT SUNSCREENS: Clean, moisturizing SPF 40 mineral sunscreens for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

Meet our most popular sunscreens! Offering 80 minutes of water resistance and boasting the reef-friendly Protect Land + Sea Certification, it’s no wonder these zinc oxide sunscreens fly off the shelves. Our Sport formula comes in an infinitely recyclable tin and a squeeze-friendly tube, both perfect for long days in the surf and sun.

When to use Sport sunscreens: Surfing, swimming, playing outdoor sports, cycling, and anywhere a delicate marine ecosystem might be nearby. 

Adventure Mineral Sunscreen

ADVENTURE SPORT SUNSCREEN: Clean, moisturizing SPF 50 mineral sunscreen in an infinitely recyclable tin—maximum protection for the boldest adventure seekers.

This is some serious sun protection. We formulated this extreme mineral sunscreen with the highest percentage of zinc oxide allowed by the FDA, so it keeps you protected on any adventure. And with just 4 simple ingredients, it’s also Protect Land + Sea Certified. Now get out there.

When to use Adventure Sport sunscreen: An all-day surf session, an intense day of skiing, a sweaty bike ride… whatever an adventure looks like to you!

Kids Mineral Sunscreen

KIDS SUNSCREENS: Gentle SPF 35 and 40 Kids mineral sunscreens for playful kids of all ages.

Sunscreen just got a lot more fun! These natural zinc oxide sunscreens are water-resistant for 80 minutes, so they can keep up with long days of summer camp and beach swimming. Plus, they’re formulated with organic tangerine and vanilla for a yummy, kid-approved scent.

When to use Kids sunscreens: Playing at the beach, splashing in the waves, running through the sprinkler, playing tag, or heading to the park.

Baby Mineral Sunscreen

BABY SUNSCREEN: Gentle, pediatrician-tested SPF 40 mineral sunscreen for babies and toddlers.

This ultra-gentle sunscreen is a favorite among Badger moms and dads. Pediatrician-tested and formulated with natural zinc oxide, it’s crafted with just 7 simple ingredients, including organic chamomile and calendula, to soothe even the most delicate skin.

When to use Baby sunscreen: Whenever you want to keep your little one protected from the sun, without harmful chemicals that might irritate their skin.

Still not sure about which sunscreen to use?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Ask us in the comments below!

What’s the best mineral sunscreen for…

  • My face? Just about any of our sunscreens are great options! We would suggest any of our Active sunscreens as they are the lightest sunscreens we offer.
  • My baby/children? All of our sunscreens are incredibly safe to use. However, our favorites for babies and kids are our SPF 40 Baby Cream and our Kids line. We took our basic sunscreen formula and added a few extra ingredients to make options specifically for babies and kids of all ages! Need further proof that these products are safe for little ones? All of our Baby and Kids sunscreens are hypoallergenic, and our SPF 40 Baby Sunscreen Cream is even pediatrician-tested.
  • Sensitive skin? Again, we only make simple and safe sunscreens. However, we would recommend any of our Sport sunscreens as they have the most basic formulas—only four ingredients!

Don’t forget that the best sun protection is staying in the shade and covering up with extra layers. When you’re trying to choose the best mineral sunscreen, though, no matter the occasion, we have the perfect option for you. Happy outdoor adventures!

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