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Repurposing Badger's Balms and Tins

Repurposing makes sense and cents. Not only does it divert waste from a landfill, you also save money by reusing an object instead of buying a new one.

Repurposing a Badger Balm Tin into a picture frame - perfect birthday party favors!
Repurposing a Badger Balm Tin into a picture frame - perfect birthday party favors!
Repurposing Badger Balm as Boot Polish

Multipurpose is a favorite word around Badger HQ. On any given day you might encounter us using the same balm that we rub into our skin to treat our boots.

So naturally, we love it when we receive letters and phone calls from you sharing your inspiring ideas for repurposing Badger tins.

You’ve also come up with really unique alternative uses for our balms, so unique and awesome that we just had to share a few.

“When I was a baker and working early morning hours, I would use Badger Balm to grease a hinge, so I could get to work without waking the kids!”

“Balms of any sort, be they for the lips, hands, etc., are very effective at lubricating stuck, stubborn, or old zippers. Simply rubbing a little of a balm on the teeth helps the zipper glide right along."
-Hannah-Noelle, Connecticut

“I use After Sun balm as solid perfume and your lip balms for dry hands and face on the go.”
-Violet, Cypress, CA

“I use the original formula for giving shine to leather shoes/boots/purse. Each balm with cayenne extract can be successfully used as a scalp treatment - very stimulating! My boyfriend uses After Sun balm as after shave, and he is very pleased. He goes through tins faster than me =). Empty 2oz tins I use to store needles/other tiny things.”
-Laura, Romania

“I've used healing balm to polish up dulled wooden beads. It's also a good thing for easing stiff keys in locks, as a barrier when using natural henna (they usually suggest petroleum jelly at the hairline to stop skin being dyed) and as an aid to finding a puncture on a bike tire.”

Repurposing Badger tins for seed saving.
Repurposing Badger tins for seed saving.

“Being a life-long gardener, I have found them indispensable for seed saving. They keep the seeds protected from light and moisture and if stored in a cool, dry non-freezing location as I do, have kept my seeds viable for several years.”

“I use Cool Mint Cocoa Butter Lip Balm for tired eyes.”
-Natty Zavaleta, North Carolina

“I put a thick layer of Badger Balm on my new tattoo when I took a shower. It was soothing, kept the water off, smelled great AND moisturized my skin beautifully!”

“I've used badger balm to polish stones I find at the beach :-) They look beautiful.”
-April, Provincetown, MA

“I use empty tins to store change, in my car.”

“We hang empty tins around our blueberry bushes to protect them from fruit-loving birds. They reflect the sun and somehow manage to scare off the would-be feasters.”

“I am allergic to the antibacterial ingredient in liquid soaps. I have filled an old Badger Balm tin with soap to carry with me to use when I am out & about.”

“The tins are awesome for holding beads when I do beadwork.”

“My kids collect little things -- rocks, buttons, and other oh-so-important collectibles. We give each one a tin and restrict their collecting to the amount that will fit in that tin each day -- it teaches discernment and also cuts down on the amount of stuff that ends up in our house. And it makes the kids feel like we value their precious things because we've given them something beautiful to hold their goodies in!”

Have another fabulous idea for repurposing Badger? Leave it in the comments below, or share your story here – you could be featured in the next installment!

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