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On True Rose and Self Care

true rose - rosa damascena

Rosa Damascena

As a fan of true rose, I’ve noticed that the topic of “rose scent” can be very polarizing. It seems like my friends either love it or hate it. After thinking about it critically, it makes sense – there are lots of different “rose scents” out there, and many fail to capture the ethereal scent of the rose flower blooming in the morning sun.

Interpreting the scent of a rose

The extraction of true rose essential oil requires time, care, and special expertise. True rose essential oil is made from fresh roses, picked before dawn, and then steam distilled the same day to separate the oil from the hydrosol (floral water). This process makes for the purest rose essential oil, and the truest rose scent that you can get.

But because of the low yield of oil from rose petals (2.5 tons of fresh rose petals yields only about 16 ounces of oil), and the care needed to grow, collect, and process them, true rose oil is an expensive ingredient to produce.

And this is likely why there is such a broad interpretation of “rose scent.” True rose essential oil is really expensive, and replicating the smell of a rose is extremely difficult. There are over 300 known compounds that combine to make a rose smell like a rose. So rose scented products often contain cheaper versions of rose, like oil that’s been chemically extracted. And in some cases, products do not even contain any true rose and use completely chemically synthesized scents to impart a rose-like scent.

And that’s why “rose scent” can vary so much and why much of it doesn’t smell like a rose at all, in some cases even becoming offensive.

True rose and self-care

But not only does true rose essential oil smell better, but it also has secret magical powers. True rose essential oil, when used in aromatherapy, makes us feel loved, and warms our heart. So the concept of putting rose in beauty products makes a lot of sense.

After all, when we feel loved, we feel beautiful.

So with this in mind, Badger wanted to create products that utilized true rose and all its benefits. We created a beauty balm containing true rose (formerly called “Evolving Body Balm,” for you Badger historians out there). Badger only uses 100% certified organic Damascus Rose oil from Bulgaria – never chemically extracted, and definitely not “rose scent.”

This mindset blossomed into a line of products featuring true rose. The idea was that, instead of trying to evade the aging process, we embrace and love our beautifully evolving bodies. This eventually led to the formulation of my perennial winter staple: Damascus Rose Body Oil.

Badger Damascus Rose Body Oil featuring true rose

I love it because New England winters are dry, and body oil is the best at soothing my extra dry skin. A few drops goes a long way when applied to my slightly damp skin after bath or shower, and it leaves my skin glowing and hydrated.

But I also love it for a less-obvious reason: because winters here are dark. There’s less sunlight in general, and coupled with landscapes of white and grey (not to mention cold temperatures and sleeping trees), it can be kind of a bummer. The true rose scent not only makes me feel like it’s spring, but it also warms my heart, and I feel like I can enjoy winter just a little more.

And mostly I love using Damascus Rose Body Oil because I feel beautiful after using it.

So if you dislike “rose scent” but love the smell of roses, consider the source. Because true rose is worth it, and so are you.

Check out Badger's Rose Beauty Products.

What do you think about rose? Let us know in the comments below!

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