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Welcoming in the New Year with Aikido

Badger Bill Katie Aikido

I study a martial art called Aikido. It is often referred to as “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” and is characterized by high-speed attack and a flowing, blending, high-flying circular response. Hard to explain, amazing to experience. I especially like the feeling of flying through the air and landing gracefully when thrown!

Almost every New Year’s Eve, my dojo holds an evening class to welcome in the New Year. My wife Katie and I both attend. As I’ve grown older, I’ve also grown especially appreciative for my continued health and for the health of my family. An Aikido class is mind-expanding, humbling, rewarding, exciting and centering.

My study cultivates a peaceful spirit and reminds me to be grateful. A fine way to welcome in the New Year.

Black Belt Aikido

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