Unscented Badger Balm Organic Skin Moisturizer
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USDA Certified Organic
Gluten Free

Unscented Badger Balm - Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

Simple Organic Unscented Skin Moisturizer

Unscented Badger Balm - 2 oz. Tin
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Organic Unscented Skin Moisturizer

  • Only two simple ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Organic Beeswax.
  • No added scent.
  • Ultra moisturizing for dry & sensitive skin.
  • Soothes and softens your driest, hardest, and roughest skin.

Our Most Basic Balm. Many people are sensitive to even the most natural of essential oils and fragrances... they need a super simple, safe unscented skin moisturizing product. So we made it! Unscented Badger Balm provides USDA certified organic, ultra-concentrated moisturizing power for your dry, cracked, chapped, rough and weathered hands and skin! This is an all-purpose remedy for dry, cracked skin in the tradition of our original Badger Balm. Extremely soothing for cracked fingers, hands and feet, dry lips, cracked, chapped, rough and weathered skin anywhere on the body, and for helping scrapes and scratches. Gentle, mild and effective.

Though we do not add any fragrance to this product, the balm has a light, subtle scent of the organic olive oil and beeswax with which it's made.

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Badger Balm Ingredients:

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Organic Beeswax

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Lightly rub fingers over the surface of the balm and apply anywhere on the body. For larger areas (legs, arms) dig into the balm with the tip of a clean finger. A little goes a long way!

Can Badger Balm help heal eczema and psoriasis? This product is not a medicine or a drug. We have received regular feedback from customers that our Unscented Badger Balm has helped to soothe the discomforts of skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis, but we cannot say definitively that they help to heal these skin ailments.

Can I use Unscented Badger Balm on my lips/face or is it just for hands? Yes, it can be used on any body part that needs it. We Badgers use it on hands as well as legs, elbows, feet, faces and lips. Badger Balm will soothe any parched and thirsty skin.
 Most of our products are safe to use anywhere on your body.