The Badger Leadership Team

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Rebecca Hamilton Badger

Rebecca Hamilton - Family Owner and Co-CEO (Collaborative Executive Officer)
Rebecca leads Badger’s new product development from concept to market as well as its sustainability initiatives. With over a decade of experience in the natural products industry, she is often called upon for her expertise in creating organic and plant-based personal care products that benefit both people and the planet. Rebecca also shares Badger’s unique company philosophy, innovative family-friendly benefits, and B Corp status at conferences and events across the country. Her background in economic botany and supply chain management coupled with her passions for organic living, safe products, and ethical commerce have led her to broader industry involvement and public service outreach. Rebecca has helped guide new cosmetic reform and spearheaded the passing of Benefit Corporation legislation in the state of New Hampshire. She has served as the chair of the Natural Products Association Natural Seal Steering Committee and as a member of the NSF Joint Committee on Natural Personal Care and the Safer Chemicals Coalition. Rebecca represents Badger in both the Climate Collaborative and the Safe Sunscreen Council, a coalition of eleven other safe sunscreen brands supporting the use of natural, reef-friendly sunscreens.

Emily Schwerin-Whyte

Emily Schwerin-Whyte - Family Owner and Co-CEO (Collaborative Executive Officer)
Emily co-leads Badger’s strategic visioning and oversees its sales and marketing. She has been a part of Badger since its founding, helping to pack boxes while in high school, and after graduating college, learning the operational side of the family-owned and family-run business before taking on leadership roles in customer service, sales management, product development, and marketing.

When Emily joined Badger full time, the company had only 25 employees. Today, it is a 90-plus person business, a leader in the natural products industry, and a beacon within the B Corp movement for social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Emily is proud of the family-friendly benefits Badger provides and believes that businesses thrive when they operate responsibly, treat employees like family, and invest in their communities.

Katie Schwerin Badger

Katie Schwerin - Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
In addition to being a key member of Badger's leadership team, Katie is responsible for spearheading many of the company's unique benefits, from babies at work and the Calendula Garden Childcare Center (which provides subsidized and Waldorf-inspired childcare for the children of Badger employees), to the Ecology Center and free and organic lunches enjoyed daily by all employees. Katie also focuses on prioritizing Badger’s certification as a B Corp, a status that adds transparency to the company’s social and environmental business practices.

Katie has been active in the community for many years and is currently serving as co-chair of the Business Ambassadors for Impact Monadnock, a community-led nonprofit organization focused on improving the lives of children in the region ages zero to five. She also finds the time to teach economics and entrepreneurship at a local private high school.

Katie holds a master’s degree in education and for thirteen years taught elementary and junior high school. Prior to teaching, she was an avid gardener and herbalist and a homemaker with three daughters, two of whom now hold leadership positions at Badger.

Bill Whyte

Bill Whyte - Co-Founder - Started Badger in 1995
Bill Whyte is a former carpenter and a self-taught entrepreneur. He and his family started Badger in the back room of their home some 23 years ago. Today the company makes and sells over one hundred all natural and certified organic body care products using botanical ingredients sourced from the far reaches of the earth. Badger is a certified B Corp and a New Hampshire Benefit Corporation, and is known for its family-friendly work practices and innovative workplace benefits, including babies at work, near-site childcare, and paid parental leave. Badger donates 10% of before-tax profits to charity, with a focus on children and the environment.