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The Badger Leadership Team

For for information or to schedule an interview please contact Dee Fitzgerald: deef@badgerbalm.com or 603-283-5220

Rebecca Hamilton Badger

Rebecca Hamilton - Second Generation Family Owner and Co-CEO (Collaborative Executive Officer)
In addition to her role as Co-CEO, Rebecca leads marketing and sustainability initiatives. An advocate for issues concerning the environment, ingredient transparency, and societal change, Rebecca has spoken at the White House, addressed the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity in support of organic and regenerative agriculture, testified before Congress on behalf of safer cosmetics, and attended Senate and House briefings on Capitol Hill in support of family-friendly workplace practices and chemical reform. Rebecca also spearheaded the passing of Benefit Corporation legislation in New Hampshire, a for-profit status that incorporates the pursuit of positive environmental and social impact in addition to profit. She was recently appointed to the National Women’s Business Council, a nonpartisan federal advisory committee comprised of women business owners, policymakers, bankers, representatives of women’s business organizations, and other stakeholders. The Council is charged with discussing potential solutions to the challenges facing national women business owners, and recommending solutions to the administrator of the Small Business Association, Congress, and the President.

Emily Schwerin-Whyte

Emily Schwerin-Whyte - Second Generation Family Owner and Co-CEO (Collaborative Executive Officer)
In addition to her role as Co-CEO, Emily leads the areas of Sales, Product Development, and Quality.

Emily has been a part of Badger since its founding, helping to pack boxes while in high school, and after graduating college, learning the operational side of the family-owned and family-run business with roles in customer service, sales management, product development, marketing, and quality. When Emily joined Badger full time, the company had only 25 employees. Today, it is a 90-plus person business, a leader in the natural products industry and within the B Corp movement for social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Emily’s focus at Badger has always been on how to run the business day-to-day in line with the mission and principles. She focuses on cultivating mission-aligned teams, implementing cross-departmental systems and strategic planning so Badger can continue to innovate and have a positive impact on all our stakeholders – our employees, suppliers, customers, community and the environment.

Katie Schwerin Badger

Katie Schwerin - Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer
In addition to being a key member of Badger's leadership team, Katie is responsible for spearheading many of the company's unique benefits, from babies at work and the Calendula Garden Childcare Center (which provides subsidized and Waldorf-inspired childcare for the children of Badger employees), to the Ecology Center and free and organic lunches enjoyed daily by all employees. Katie also focuses on prioritizing Badger’s certification as a B Corp, a status that adds transparency to the company’s social and environmental business practices.

Katie has been active in the community for many years and was instrumental in developing the Business Ambassadors for Impact Monadnock, a community-led nonprofit organization focused on improving the lives of children in the region ages zero to five. She also finds the time to work in a leadership role for Project Home, a grass roots, nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring asylum seekers into our communities and support them to win their legal cases.

Katie holds a master’s degree in education as well as one in fine arts. For 13 years, she taught elementary and junior high school, and more recently, economics to HS seniors. Katie is an avid gardener and herbalist and has three daughters, two of whom now hold leadership positions at Badger.

Bill Whyte

Bill Whyte - Founder - Started Badger in 1995
Bill founded Badger back in 1995, with the introduction of Badger’s first product, Badger Healing Balm - relief for hardworking hands. At the time, Bill was a self-taught carpenter and a designer-builder with a deep appreciation for the healing power embodied in nature. Bill formulated that first product, designed the packaging and catalogs, filled the tins in the back room of the family home, and drove all over New England, store to store, selling our balms. Bill is also an artist, and he sees the development of Badger, along with painting, building design, and movement art through his study of Aikido, as artistic activities designed to soothe and heal. Badger uses a tag line, “Kindness is my Compass” that appeared in one of Bill’s stories. Bill feels that Kindness is a powerful force for good, and it points the way out and through toward a healthier and more equitable way of being of the Earth.