Our Growers

Here at Badger we take pride in our relationship with the people who harvest and process our spectacular ingredients. Read on to learn more about the ingredients, and some of the people who grow and produce them...

Soler Romero Olive Growing

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Soler Romero Estate, Spain

Badger's Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by Soler Romero, a family owned and operated farm in Southern Spain whose rich olive history dates back to 1850. Not only is Soler Romero a 100% USDA Certified Organic olive oil producer, but they also produce their own natural, organic fertilizer from the byproducts of harvesting and pressing (the leftover branches, leaves, and olive pulp). This closes the production circle by recycling all byproducts and increasing biodiversity - all while covering the fertilizing needs of their olives. And, like a fine winery, their mill is located right on the estate - this means that their olives are processed within 2 hours of being harvested! Their history, environmental practices, and respect for the land makes for some mighty tasty olive oil that is enjoyed the world over. Badger uses Soler Romero's USDA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in almost all of our products.

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Samoan Coconut Project

Organic Coconut Oil: Samoan Coconut Project, Samoa

There's nothing quite like fresh, virgin Coconut Oil! The smell is reminiscent of macaroons cooking in the oven (one of Badger Bill's favorite smells!), and it is readily absorbed by the skin and hair, making it an ideal moisturizer. Virgin Coconut Oil has a high level of antioxidants, and a bounty of nutrients and fatty acids. In traditional soap making, Coconut Oil is often referred to as a 'gift' to the soap maker, because the saponified oil of Coconut creates a wonderful, cleansing lather and big fluffy bubbles, while hardening the soap bar. We use Coconut Oil in our soaps, and also in our Vanilla Coconut Every Day Body Moisturizer. Badger's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil comes from a sustainable coconut oil project in Samoa. This is run by a not-for-profit women's foundation - a unique venture aimed at rebuilding the economic independence of individual villages.

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Organic Cocoa Butter: Cooperativa Agraria Industrial, Peru

Badger's Organic and Fair Trade CertifiedTM Cocoa Butter has the subtle scent of dark chocolate, and makes you feel good inside and out! Besides chocolate, Cocoa Butter is best-known as a protective skin barrier, deep skin moisturizer, and moisture retainer because it helps to lock moisture in the skin, and block out harsh outside elements. Some even call it the "ultimate moisturizer" and use Cocoa Butter to treat and prevent scarring and stretch marks. You can find Cocoa Butter in our sunscreens, Cocoa Butter Lip Balms, Creamy Cocoa Every Day Body Moisturizer and After Sun Balm, to name a few. Badger's Cocoa Butter is produced by La Cooperativa Agraria Industrial Naranjillo Limitada in Peru. The Fair Trade price has enabled them to establish various social and productive programs relating to: education, productive investment, environmental initiatives, financial credit, and women's rights.

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Fair Trade Argan Oil: Women's Cooperative in Morocco

In 2007, a group of Moroccan women organized an all-female, Fair Trade cooperative in order to reduce poverty in their village. These women began to harvest Argan, a plant endemic to Morocco, often referred to as the “Tree of Life.” They use traditional methods for extracting the precious oil from the hard kernels of the Argan tree – removing the pulp, hand-cracking the nuts, and liberating the two or three oil-rich seeds from the center. The seeds are then cold-pressed to release the treasured oil, then the oil is decanted and filtered. The discarded pulp from the Argan fruit is re-purposed as animal feed.

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