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At the W.S. Badger Company, we know that health and well-being depends upon a good relationship with both People and Planet. Our Ecology Center strives to do this in a few ways:

  • Offering educational workshops to the local community focused on a variety of homesteading arts, wellness topics, and creative & sustainable business planning.
  • Producing food for Badger employee lunches in our biodynamic vegetable & herb gardens
  • Overseeing a meditation labyrinth and flower gardens for employees and public to enjoy

This is our way of caring for the Earth while giving back to our local community.

Badger Ecology Center Gilsum NH

2018 Workshops at Badger

Pre-registration is required and some scholarships are available. See listings.

Workshop fee: $25 - Register and pay now. - or - Apply for a scholarship for this workshop.

Join us for a hands-on workshop to explore the joys of decomposition and learn how to make compost that will feed your plants and nourish your being! We will spend time discussing different materials and their properties, as well as the composting processes and the magical influence of various biodynamic preparations on the inner workings of the compost pile. We will then head outside to actually build a compost pile together.

Please wear appropriate shoes/boots and dress for the weather. Bring gloves if you desire, and a pitch fork or shovel if you can!

Bio: Lynne Boudreau is co-founder of Kroka Expeditions in Marlow, NH. Prior to becoming Kroka’s Farm and Garden Manager/Educator, Lynne apprenticed on a biodynamic farm in Pennsylvania. The Farm at Kroka Expeditions uses biodynamic and organic practices with the intention of healing the land. With a deep respect for the natural world and the wisdom and ways of elders and native people, Lynne farms using varied modalities, while also working by intuition and trust that the Earth knows how to care for itself.

Free - Register now.

Conducting regular waste assessments elevates a business' commitment to impact improvement and helps them move towards zero waste. Assessments provide an understanding of waste composition, allowing for creative problem-solving and innovative solutions to send less to the landfill, and to increase the amount reused, recycled, and composted.

Using Badger's waste reduction story, philosophy and process as an example, workshop participants will learn how to conduct a waste assessment, make sense of the results and make improvements. While this workshop is geared towards businesses, individuals wishing to manage their home waste will also benefit!

Bio: Jess Baum is Badger's Sustainability Manager & Community Coordinator and absolutely loves her work! She came to Badger after earning a Master's degree in Environmental Studies, for which she co-created an Environmental Management System for Badger. She brings 9+ years of experience in environmental and sustainability education, program development, and implementation. A lifelong learner, she is passionate about finding innovative and collaborative paths to net-positive organizations, as well as community engagement, healthy living, zero waste, regenerative agriculture, and soil science. In her spare time, Jess teaches herbalism, takes long walks in the woods, and enjoys mixing up medicinal herbal elixirs and healthy food for friends and family.

Workshop fee: $65 - Register and pay now. - or - Apply for a scholarship for this workshop.

Conventional beekeeping encourages us to keep our Italian bees in Langstroth vertical hives, use medications to control varroa mites, and extract honey in the fall. While many beekeepers follow these methods, there are other ways, too! This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in pollinators and honey bees, novice to experienced beekeepers. We will cover honey bees as well as other important pollinators, and the different ways people can keep bees, including housing, methods, timing, and commitment.

The choices people make on how to keep bees depends upon individual philosophy and preference. Join Jodi for discussions and demonstration on Langstroth-style hives, as well as alternative bee houses, pros and cons of various housing options, and how to get started. Bring your own veil and gloves, if you have them, and dress appropriately in long pants, close-toed shoes and scent-free (no perfume or strong-smelling lotions, etc.). If you are unable to bring your own veil and gloves, we will have some available to borrow. A simple lunch will be provided.

Bio: Jodi Turner, 2016 NH Beekeeper of the Year, has been passionate about keeping bees and teaching beekeeping for 20 years. Her love of bees was sparked at an early age, and she was given the opportunity to start exploring this great adventure while working at Stonewall Farm in Keene, NH. Beekeeping is an endless learning process. Honey bees and pollinators teach us something new every day. Jodi and her husband Dean live in Swanzey, NH. And when not in their hives, or offering beekeeping instruction, can be found outdoors hiking, biking, kayaking, gardening or just enjoying life in general. For more information, visit

Workshop fee: $35 - Register and pay now. - or - Apply for a scholarship for this workshop.

Release your inner flower child! Join Sarah of Vera Flora Farm for a fun, relaxed and creative morning learning the art of flower crown making! All materials for constructing your own unique and whimsical flower crown will be provided. You’ll also receive tips for finding and using locally sourced ingredients as well as constructing other basic flower arrangements. There’ll be plenty of time for Q&A on topics ranging from creating your own organic cut flower garden to arranging flowers. So whether you’re planning a special event or just want to feel like a queen or king for a day, this workshop is sure to delight! Breakdown of $35 workshop fee: $15 for materials, $20 for workshop.

Bio: Sarah Barkhouse is the owner and farmer-florist behind Vera Flora Farm (, an eco-friendly flower farm that has been providing beautiful and organically-styled arrangements for wedding and events since 2012. Sarah’s unique bouquets can be found locally at the Monadnock Food Co-op during the summer and fall, and are available through Vera Flora Farm’s CSA bouquet subscription program. Sarah has a degree in Horticulture from the UMass Amherst Stockbridge School of Agriculture and draws her passion for gardening and flower arranging from her childhood love of nature and New England’s changing seasons.

Registration and additional information coming soon.

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