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Ingredient Growing Standards

olive estate growing
Badger's Organic Olives Growing Happily in Southern Spain.

Certified Organic

The organic certification is an agricultural standard which ensures that ingredients are not genetically modified, and are grown and processed without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or chemical processing agents. We prioritize using USDA certified organic ingredients, which we believe to be the gold standard for personal care ingredients. We recognize that some ingredients are grown organically but cannot bear the USDA organic seal. In those cases we use ingredients that are certified by other third party organizations.

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Organic Roses Growing in Bulgaria
Organic Roses in Bulgaria

Fair Trade Certified™

The Fair Trade certification is a social and environmental standard which ensures that workers are given fair compensation for their labor, and that environmental and health concerns are met. There are only a few ingredients used in skin care products that are certified by Fair Trade USA (our current US Fair Trade certifying organization). We are constantly exploring ways to certify our products Fair Trade, by utilizing as many Fair Trade ingredients as possible.

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Organic Lavender Grown in France
Organic Lavender in France

Ecologically Harvested

Ecologically harvested is a standard which comes from visiting growers that are not certified by a third party organization. We are aware that there are many suppliers who do not go through the process of certifying their botanicals, yet still produce quality ingredients that are grown organically.

Sustainably Wild Crafted

Wild crafted ingredients are harvested not cultivated. Organic certifications for the wilderness are rare, so we look at harvesting practices and ecological sustainability.

Biodynamic Demeter

Demeter is a Biodynamic standard for a holistic, chemical free farming system that is very much in line with the organic standard. Although we do not have many ingredients that are certified biodynamic, we use biodynamically grown botanicals when they are available.