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Employee Benefits

To promote a healthy work environment, Badger believes in company transparency and employee empowerment. Badger works diligently to make the company a great place to work, where employees feel respected and valued, accountable to co-workers and customers, and where communication between co-workers reflects a personal and caring approach. The following are in addition to legally mandated state and federal benefits.

  • Free Lunch! Daily organic lunch served during a paid 30-minute break. Every day our fabulous cooks prepare a free, home-cooked lunch for all of the Badgers made from 100% organic and mostly local foods. During the summer months, much of the produce we use comes right from our Badger vegetable garden!

  • Health Benefits badger staff 2016
    • Health Insurance
    • Badger Wellness Fund: Limited financial reimbursement for health related expenses,including massages, sports equipment, non-qualified medical bills, etc.
    • Medical Flexible Spending Account
    • Long and Short Term Disability - company paid.
    • Health Days - similar to 'sick' days but used when you need time off to stay healthy.
    • Employee Assistance Plan - confidential, company paid, professional services to help address issues affecting personal and/or work life.

  • Calendula Garden Children's Center – Conveniently located just a few miles from Badger and staffed by experienced educators, the Center was created to serve the children of Badger employees. Its mission is to provide a safe and joyful environment for young children, one where parents feel welcomed and supported. Enrollment now includes a few children from outside the company. The facility is simple, beautiful, and mimics a home environment.  Read more here.

  • Vacation Days: Including accrual and annual carry over of days.

  • Life Insurance: Badger pays 100% of premium.

  • babies at work
  • Lunch and Work Breaks: Paid lunch 1/2 hour. Did we mention the free lunch we get everyday?

  • Simple IRA: Badger matches a percentage of employee's contribution.

  • Maternity and Paternity Leave: Paid time off to prepare for giving birth and caring for a new baby.

  • Babies at Work: On a case-by-case basis a parent may be allowed to bring their new baby to work for the first 6 months. We have had 18 babies come to work since we began this program in 2008! Learn more.

  • Profit Sharing: Badger sets aside 7% of profits to share with the employee community each year. Every person working at Badger has contributed to our success.

  • Employee Loan Assistance Program: Offering small loans to employees for financial emergencies.

  • Free long distance telephone calls up to 10 minutes.

  • Bereavement Leave and Jury Duty

  • "Do-the-Right-Thing" Policy: Provides an avenue for employees to raise concerns with the assurance that they will be protected from reprisals or victimization.

  • Other Great Benefits
    • Flexible scheduling, inclusive and fun working environment, and truly casual dress
    • Your opinions and suggestions are welcomed, and very much solicited 
    • Beautiful gardens and grounds, including a walking labyrinth
    • New employee care package plus free product quarterly. All products are available at employee pricing throughout the year.
    • Daily, free organic coffee and tea bar (with all the fixings—organic honey, natural sugar, organic milk… the good stuff)
    • Pro-deals from other natural products companies such as Dean's Beans, Rishi Tea, New Chapter, Divine Chocolates, and The Orchard Bakery
    • Company outings and activities

Sound like a great place to work? It is! See if we have any jobs available.