Family Friendly Workplace

Badger is a family-owned, family-operated, and family-friendly company.

One of Badger’s founding principles is fostering a business environment that is respectful and supportive of all employees, and the people we serve. With this in mind we strive to support the new parents in our extended work family, while considering the well-being of all employees and productivity in the workplace.

Badger Family Friendly Workplace

Family-Focused Employee Programs:

Flexibility - Flexible scheduling allows parents to attend children’s school events or care for a sick child. In addition, Badger offers the option for a school-hours working schedule to all employees.

Paid Leave for Primary & Secondary Care Parents - Intended to support families in keeping newborns at home for their first few months of life, Badger offers an additional 5 weeks of paid leave for Primary Care parents and 2 weeks of paid leave for Secondary Care parents, upon the birth, adoption, or fostering of a child.

Extended Parental Leave – Allows new parents to take a leave of up to six months, with job protection, after the birth of a child.

Child Care Reimbursements - Parents with nursery or kindergarten aged children in the school system can have as much as 11 weeks a year of additional costs to cover the regular school vacation times. Badger’s child Care Reimbursements support parents with these child care expenses offering $200 a week, up to $800 a year per child.

Badger Babies at Work Program

Babies at Work: The idea behind the program is to encourage the baby/parent bond in its most critical time, the first six months of life. Most short-term disability benefits regarding pregnancies end after just six weeks, leaving the parent to find childcare as he or she returns to the workplace. Badger's policy allows the parent to bring the child to the workplace until a specified time: in most cases, until the baby is six months old or begins crawling.

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Badger Calendula Garden Child Care Center

Calendula Garden Child Care Center: In the summer of 2013 Badger opened its own full-day, partially subsidized child care center offering reasonably-priced, high quality, flexible child care for children of Badger employees, as well as a limited number of children from the great community. The center itself is located in the renovated house that was the former home to the Badger Company, a quarter of a mile down the road from the company's new facility.

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Family Focus Employee Programs

What has inspired our family focused employee programs at Badger?

As a long time parent and teacher, my life work has been about children. As I look through these two lenses at children today, I see how important it is to protect and nurture childhood. Key to this is a strong and healthy family life, one where each child is seen and met every day in the loving interactions with parents and family members.

We live in a time where family life is threatened in many ways but primarily through the ever rising cost of living, which requires both parents to work outside of the home. Our children are often away from home and cared for from dawn to dusk, and from as young as 6 weeks old, in childcare centers.

At Badger, we see the important role businesses can play in helping to remedy this situation. We believe that children are the responsibility of the community and a good business is one that serves the community by supporting the healthy life of children through family-friendly work policies.

We are hoping to make a significant difference for families employed at Badger though our family friendly policies, and through our ability to create flexibility for family members to respond to the ball games, birthday celebrations, and all of those important times in a child’s life when it is so critically important for the family to show up and be present. We are committed to supporting children and family life, and also to spreading the word so that other companies can join us in these efforts. We hope to inspire a new movement of businesses taking a lead in this kind of specific and significant support for families. If you are interested in learning more about what your business can do to support families, please feel free to contact Badger or learn more here.

Katie Schwerin - Badger's Co-Founder and COO